PRODUCT REVIEW – Kerrygold Honey Spread

I dont think its all that easy to review food, either you like a food or you dont but as this is a new little known product I thought it worthy of a mention on my blog

Elliott, like many children his age, would happily live on toast and toast alone – getting him to eat anything other than toast at the moment is somewhat problematic but thats for another blog. I often feel guilty for giving him just plain toast all the time so aside from cheese and dairylea I often resort to giving him sugary spreads, such as jam and chocolate spread. Not only do I not want to fill my child constantly with sugar and chocolatey snacks but also these spreads get onto their hands and then the sticky spread gets everywhere else in the house too!
Honey is always a nice natural alternative to sugar but its even messier than all the jams so this product really works for me. The honey is already in the butter so it isnt sticky and doesnt get everywhere, it melts really nicely into the toast and gives it a lovely flavour and I feel as though I am giving my son something a little bit healthier than chocolate spread.
According to the packaging you can do other things with this butter like using it in cakes etc and if I was going to be writing an extensive review on this product I would of course go and explore all the options but for now we are quite happy in our house to just eat toast!

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