Breastfeeding Covers

In the past few weeks of feeding Sam I have been stopped in public on 3 seperate occasions and asked for infomation on this poduct so a product review seemed to be a must have

I remember when I was nursing Elliott having that slight sinking feeling of dread at the thought he may need to feed while we were out in public – as much as I wanted to breastfeed it was a little stressful for me when out. I used the “breastfeeding area” in my local shopping centre on a few occasions, sitting on a uncomfortable right angeled bench, which was practically impossible to get into a good feeding position on, I remember trying to find a place to feed and messing around with trying to be discreat with breastfeeding tops. I wasnt confident enough to just “whip ’em out” and be very public with my feeding – and my rather large boobs really werent designed for discreation

When I was pregnant with Sam I wanted an alternative and I discovered the humble breastfeeding cover. Its an extremely simple design, if you have a sewing machine and a bit of time you could whip one up yourself. It is effectively a short length coton apron with a boned neckline so that you can see your baby whislt you are feeding them

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I looked into a few different companys that made the covers before purchasing and in the end settled to try a cover that I found on ebay from – I chose them because I like supporting cottage industry mums but also because they were very well priced. I had a physical look at a cover from the market leaders in nursing covers, bebe au lait, but I REALLY couldnt see where the justification was in the high price tag, the fabrics were lovely but the only difference was that in one corner of their cover there was a little bit of toweling fabric for wiping your babys mouth.

When the cover arrived the first thing that struck me was how well made it was, in some ways better than something you would buy in the shops. The only improvement I could think to make to the cover itself would be to provide a storage bag for it – as it lives in your changing bag most of the time to be able to fold it up and store it in a pouch would be really helpful for keeping it neat and tidy.

Using the cover itself took a few goes to get the hang of – ensuring I could feed and see Sam through the neckhole of the cover but I find the easist way to do this is to adjust the neck to the length that suits you and then tucking the side of the cover that you are feeding on under the babys head so that it holds it slightly taught and creates a slight tent effect.

The freedom however that this cover now gives me is amazing! I never got the hang of laying cloths over me whilse feeding and found it more stressful than just going and hiding in a corner. At home I can feed Sam in front of my dad or anyone I dont feel 100% comfortable feeding in front of, or visa versa. When out it is FANTASTIC, I no longer bother with breastfeeding tops or walking around to try and find somewhere to feed Sam, I just feed him wherever and whenever he needs even if it means just sitting on the floor and doing it in the middle of the shopping centre. No more screaming hungry baby, no more feeling self concious its quick and easy. I have fed him in M&S, on a bench, in a corridor, in church and at the table in a restuarant.

I know there are plenty of people that believe you shouldnt have to cover up to feed, and I agree with them BUT it does make me feel a little uncomfortable and it can make other people feel uncomfortable to have you sitting there with your boobs out so this is a really easy simple solution that keeps everyone happy.

I would say to anyone embarking on breastfeeding this is a must have, simple, practical product that will make your life a LOT easier and take some of the stress out of going out with your baby


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