It’s Been A Little Quiet

I appoligise for the lack of posts this past week – its been one of those weeks where nothing much has happened but it never seemed to stop long enough for me to update my blog. My Laptop was unusable for a couple of days, which didnt help, and it was Elliotts last day of playschool for the academic year last Friday and everything seemed to be gearing up for that.

But this is a brand new week, its Monday and we are sitting in waiting for a courier care od Dorel Customer Services to come and collect our Maxi Cosi Axis car seat, which has potentially developed a fault. I have to say the service I have always recieved from Dorel has always been second to none – We previously had a problem with our car seat, which on the whole we are very pleased with, and to say that Dorel bent over backwards, went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement. Now we have more problems here they are again coming to collect the seat and get it seen to just in case this minor problem turns out to be a major comprimise to the seats safety in an accident. I dont normally name names but we have very few customer service heros out there and so on this occasion I will say that we have been taken care of by Noel Seabrooke and Laura Parker over there and they are staff Maxi Cosi should be proud to have representing them!

So that having been said I’m going to pop on a new product review on a seperate posting and also find out what this weeks Gallery challange is!


Yo Ho Ho!!!!

Elliott and Sam went to a pirate and princess party this afternoon – here they are dressed up for the occasion!

Captain Squishy!

Pirate Pob!

This was too good not to share!

The conversation went like this …
Elliott: “lollypop” (as in I want a lollypop)
Me: “No Elliott you’ve had ice cream and you are going to have your dinner soon”
Elliott: “No dinner, lollypop”
Me: “Elliott I’ve said no, you’ve already had ice cream”
Elliott: “LOLLYPOP!”

At this point I decided to leave him to sulk for a minute while I called my husband so not to envoke a major tantrum; 2 minutes later I found him like this….

Dont worry he is breathing he is just ASLEEP on the kitchen floor! Sometimes the force of tiredness is just too strong to fight!

Being the good mother that I am I have to admit that he is still there! – Well actually in Elliotts case its a bit more complicated than that as he suffers with a sleep disorder but that is a story for another day.

This got me thinking – have your children fallen asleep anywhere unusual? Please email the pictures to and next week I will put a gallery on my blog of the best ones – any fellow bloggers can you include the link to your blog so I can include that also

UPDATE — 10 mins after posting he woke up…rolled over and went back to sleep!

Oh I should really point out that he came out of school looking like that! – apparently they had been playing with soil and planting flowers!

The Gallery – The Buggy Mum and THE BUS!

Elliott on the bus, clutching his ticket on his way to his first afternoon at playschool
To me these days travel sadly doesn’t entail jetting off to foreign climes and embarking on international adventures – travel means getting from a to b with two young children in tow.
This is all easier said than done especially as, at present, I don’t drive and during the week we are at the mercy of good old Transport for London!!
First of all I fully believe that ANYONE who is training to be a bus driver should be made to travel for a day on buses with a single buggy, a double buggy and a wheelchair so to best appreciate how difficult bus drivers make it for travelers. In case I have anyone of influence reading these words here are a few do’s and don’ts
DON’T pull the bus up so far away from the kerb that a mum is forced to ether pick up the whole buggy to lift it out of the bus (not always possible) or angle her child so vertical to get them down onto the road that they are practically falling out of the buggy — it’s even worse with a pram as the baby isn’t even strapped in!
Also DON’T park at an angle where the bus is too far away from the kerb to be able to get the buggy on the pavement and too close to it to be able to get the buggy onto the road
If you pull up badly to then realise someone is trying to get off of the bus with a buggy DO close the doors and maneuver the bus into a better position rather than tut because its a struggle for the passenger
DO use that marvelous up and down button to lower the bus to get the buggy off
DO wait just a minute or so to make sure a mum has managed to park the buggy in the allocated space and PUT THE BRAKE ON BEFORE moving off! – trying to angle, park and lock a buggy on a moving bus is extremely difficult
DO drive around tight corners with more care when there are buggys on board – I had a buggy with a weak brake system which would unlock itself on roundabouts and corners when the driver was going to fast. Worse than that however was actually when we upgraded our buggy to one with a superb brake system; the driver decided to rush around a very tight roundabout and tipped my rear facing buggy over into the aisle with Elliott attached – he was 4 months old – to add insult to injury leads on to my next point…
When you tip a buggy over DO STOP THE BUS to make picking the child up possible!! It took 3 of us to pick a screaming Elliott up off of the floor and right the buggy and despite the passengers yelling at the driver to stop the bus because he had thrown the baby over he just kept on going – he was later disciplined by the bus company as apparently was another driver who did the same thing to a 10 week old baby!
DO allow double buggy users to use the central doors to get the buggy on without arguing about it.
Also DON’T refuse to take a passenger because they have a double buggy and it wont fit down the aisle going in through the front doors! This happened to me the other day, the driver REFUSED point blank to allow my children on the bus because he said if the buggy wouldn’t fit down the extremely narrow aisle then it wouldn’t fit in the allocated space for it, I assured him that my double was not only narrow enough to fit through my front door but we always travel on the bus and that’s how we got there in the first place. He accused me of “making it up” and told me he would not open the central doors or allow me on the bus with “that thing”! This resulted in us waiting another 20 minutes for another bus with Elliott kicking off because he was bored and wanting to get out of the buggy to run around next to a busy main road and Sam crying for a feed!
When the bus already has too many buggys on it and another needs to get on DO ask the existing passengers if any of them can fold their buggy up BEFORE refusing to take anyone else – Before Sam was born we were on the bus and someone with a sleeping child had to take their toddler out of their buggy and fold the buggy up or the driver wouldn’t have taken them. If we had been asked before it happened I could have taken a very awake Elliott out of his buggy and folded it instead.
The government want to get people out of their cars and onto public transport but until they start to address even these minor points it is always going to be the preferable and less stressful option for parents just to jump into the car – not to mention cheaper!
So this ends our first entry into the gallery – please feel free to comment I would love to hear what others think!
Oh pants!!!!! – I just realised that its actually THURSDAY and this was supposed to be in on Wednesday – oh well onto next weeks I guess!

Another week begins and a relationship grows…..

All quiet for a couple of days on the blogging front. At present I should actually be prepping a drama workshop for a church youth group tomorrow….or today now…..but Sam has only just managed to settle for the night and as such work has not yet began; I need to get my poor tired brain into gear!

Yesterday I somehow managed to get locked out of my own blog- how embarrassing! However I am back in now and this morning my next product to review arrived on the doorstep in the form of the sanamama wrap – so far I cant persuade Elliott to give it a go but in the products defence he hasn’t been in the most co-operative of moods today.

My plan for this week is to take part in the “Gallery” for the first time – this is something for blogging mums to join in on every week where we take a picture and write a piece on a given subject mater – this weeks theme being travel. As soon as this came in my content for this topic leapt to my mind after a particular incident last week so all will be revealed soon; I am hoping to take my picture tomorrow if I can capture it quickly enough.

Other plans for this week include writing a progress report on Elliotts eating problems and his check up on Wednesday with the health visitor at clinic. We shall also be taking part in a photographic competition to win tickets to Lollibop 2011 so again the results of that will be posted on my blog for all to see.

Aside from that we will be testing the sling at some point, Elliott willing, and seeing what the boys throw at me during the week……oh and I have a plan for my blog but all will be revealed!

On the subject of the boys we have made great leaps in improving Elliott and Sams relationship over the past few days. Their relationship wasnt bad – Elliott basically spent the majority of his time ignoring “baby”, which is understandable, Sam doesnt exactly do a lot that a 2 year old can get excited about and when he does enter into his field of vision it is usually from being in his way of a cuddle or attention. On Friday Elliott wanted to play trains and because Sam was requiring my attention I said that if mummy played “baby” had to play too. Intitally he wasnt too amused but very shortly he started to enjoy playing with Sam and since then he has begun to actually request that Sam joins in his games.

Here is a video — I should point out that when hubby and I play “trains” with Elliott we arent allowed to touch the actual trains

I am getting plenty of views on my blog but few followers so far so if you are reading these words please hit that follow button and let me know what you think of Life with my 2 boys – there is always room for improvement.

Quinny review on hold

Well things have taken a somewhat dramatic turn for Quinny in the past 24 hours – whoever is having to deal with the fall out over there deserves a weeks holiday and a VERY large box of chocolates!

Basically what has happened is that Quinny have had to put this years casters program on hold as the buggy they had chosen, the Senzz, has problems and therefore they are now going to wait a while longer and launch it with a brand new product instead – so it’s not a case of “no you’re no longer doing it” just a “not just yet” – fair enough. For me I think a) getting a new product to review before it has even hit the retail market not only is great exposure for my blog but b) I would rather take on a product that the manufacturers think is fantastic and put it through its paces to see how it holds up to expectation,than take on a product that has been on the market for a while and that they have already had plenty of feedback on to work out the kinks. For me product testing isn’t just about writing what I think about the things I use everyday but reviews such as the type we are doing for quinny I hope will be taken on board by the manufacturers and the kinks that we find in it as parents and every day users listened to and used to improve on a design so that its a better product for everyone.

One day I will write up reviews on all the buggy’s I have used so far but as a brief example the first buggy we owned was a silvercross 3d and the break system on it was rubbish if you were using it on public transport, the reason being the bus would go around a corner, gravity would take its effect on the buggy, put too much pressure on the break and the break would just come off. As a consumer I would hope that somewhere along the line Silvercross would take note of this, look at the break system and say this isn’t good enough for our consumers, our consumers need to know that when they step onto a bus with our product with their baby in it that they aren’t going to have to stop the buggy from escaping down the aisle every time it goes around a corner. As a consumer and public transport user I want to know NOT to purchase this buggy as it isn’t suitable for my personal needs. Why is it so important to know this? because my CHILD, the most precious thing in the world to me is riding in it!

A good design means you have happy consumers that recommend your products to their friends and happy manufacturers that sell more buggy’s – I remember the first thing I was told when I began working in retail at 16 was that if you have a happy customer they will tell 3 of their friends, if you have an unhappy customer they will tell 10 …. bring that up to date with Internet capabilities and these little blog sites with individual reviews can have a MASSIVE impact.

Quinny are getting a big backlash to pulling the senzz from the program right now that I personally don’t think is necessary and I am actually surprised by the immature attitude some people, not even the people who were involved in the program, are taking to this. I think for many women their buggy to them is not only something they transport their child in but its an extension of the parenting experience, this picture we have had in our heads since we were little girls playing with dolly’s and by offering a new toy to play with and then saying they cant have it may be more upsetting to some people than even they understand.

For now it is business as usual in our house, I am going to be continuing to try and find new products to review for my blog and to try and get that side of things off the ground as well as blogging about my boys because above and beyond everything else, I’m a mum!

The Health Visitors Visit

Well she came over – I’m not too sold on this new health visitor we have, she has this slow controlled tone normally adopted by opticians conducting and eye test – I will break down the things she has said may help with Elliott’s eating –

** As we don’t have a table we are to eat around an invisible table with Elliott facing us in his highchair with no distractions from the TV — to be honest this will actually help with Elliott’s wind down period before bed that there is a point when he knows the TV goes off.

** We are to keep light airy conversation during mealtimes and try to discuss simple things that he can understand that he can possibly contribute to.

** He is to eat his dinner from a large dinner plate with small amounts of food – this is apparently to trick him into thinking he has less food to get through than he does.

** We are not to draw attention to it if he doesn’t choose to eat and not offer him anything else until the next allocated meal time.

** If he asks for something before we want him to eat his dinner we are not to say “no” but tell him directly but to say something like “Elliott we are going to eat dinner now so when you have had some then you may have a yogurt for desert”

** He doesn’t have to eat all his dinner but as long as he eats some he can have a healthy desert, if he its nothing then he isn’t allowed anything else.

** Make a fuss about what he has eaten and not draw attention to what he hasn’t

**To reduce the amount of juice he has and to give him water – this is to ensure that he is drinking because he is thirsty and not because he just likes the taste.

I think that’s basically everything – we will see how he gets on this evening – on Wednesday I have to him to the clinic and get him weighed and measured to see how his growth is getting on.