Battle of the boys

I seem to be getting a flat headed baby! — I never had this with Elliott so its a new one on me to be honest. I dont think it is too bad at present but I would rather get ontop of it now before it becomes a problem.

So plan of action is to research a few products and then spend money we dont have – adding reviews of what I try to my blog.

The first thing I need to implement is more tummy time….we tried this today and he wasnt amused so I guess I will also try and find something that will encourage this also.
So here we go off on another side road journey….

There is another battle that we NEED to start winning in this house and that is Elliotts eating – or should I say lack of it!

Elliott was an amazing eater when he was being weaned – he would eat anything you put in front of him and he was an absolute joy to feed and loved flavour. Then one day at 18 months old he litterally woke up and decided he was going to be a fussy eater and he has been that way ever since. Elliott is one of those children who wont even put food in his mouth to taste it first, some days he wont even look at his dinner before declaring that he wont eat it. He basically is living on toast and weetabix as well as chocolate when hes allowed it. Tonight it has become screamingly aparent that something has to be done because my little boy with the typical 2 year old tummy now has a flat stomach and I can see his ribcage! 

At present he is cutting his back teeth so he has a few days grace till they settle down and then its going to be a case of trying what we can to turn the corner and get him eating again!


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