Round 0ne!

Well I have been taking steps to battle Sams flat head and Elliotts eating – in fact the first step has been the same one, speak to the health visitor.

First up Sam – well she has said that there is nothing that can really be done to prevent it because its from the side he is sleeping on and that when his hair gets thicker it wont be so noticable….gees thanks for that! – so we are back to looking into flat head syndrome pillows and ways to encourage him to want to spend more time on his tummy rather than laying down.

Now onto Elliott – The health visitor has decided to do a home visit when he is at pre-school so that she can discuss it and ways to get him out of it. She did give me some literature to read and one thing I did find interesting was to NOT take away things like, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits etc – apparently for a fussy eater these are their “safe” foods, things they know wont harm them and so by taking these away it wont encourage them to eat “proper” meals it will just take something else out of their diet and they will loose all the calories etc from that and loose even more weight. I guess if the childs issue is with food and not with the fact that they are too full to eat then this makes sense when you think about it. So for now we will just continue as we are for another 48 hours and then see what she comes up with on Friday.

Things I will be blogging about soon….

More product reviews – being sent a couple of new products to try out aimed at young babies so I will be letting my thoughts be known on those.

Also – my battle with breastfeeding


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