LWM2B future plans

This blog is really still in its infancy – not unlike Sam. At the moment it is slowly getting more attention and with a bit of luck over the coming months it will steam roll. As well as updates on the boys and the challenges that we face as a family I am also going to continue to write my product reviews and on this I have some exciting news!

We have been selected by Quinny UK to become new Quinny Casters testing out the Senzz travel system! Over the coming months we will be set challenges by Quinny to put the Senzz and ourselves through our paces. This is a really exciting opportunity and hopefully it will be the first of many big reviews for LWM2B

Here is an image of the Senzz to demonstrate what it is that we will be testing – I will post more info on it’s specifications etc when it arrives and maybe even break into a spot of video blogging!

Also in addition to this I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new sling from http://www.sanamama.com/index.html – I am very into my slings and own a moby wrap for Sam, a toddlerhawk from babyhawk for Elliott and a conventional baby bjorn – I think I may do a sling week when this review comes up and run reviews on all the slings I have tried out. The sling from sanamama is a totally different style of sling to the ones I have tried before so it will be interesting to see how it holds up

and finally for the moment I am also having a nursing cover sent to us from bebe au lait. After my previous nursing cover review I will be great to see if the market leaders can improve on the product to justify the high price tag and if going for the tested brands really is always necessary.

So lots going on and hopefully much more to come!


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