The Health Visitors Visit

Well she came over – I’m not too sold on this new health visitor we have, she has this slow controlled tone normally adopted by opticians conducting and eye test – I will break down the things she has said may help with Elliott’s eating –

** As we don’t have a table we are to eat around an invisible table with Elliott facing us in his highchair with no distractions from the TV — to be honest this will actually help with Elliott’s wind down period before bed that there is a point when he knows the TV goes off.

** We are to keep light airy conversation during mealtimes and try to discuss simple things that he can understand that he can possibly contribute to.

** He is to eat his dinner from a large dinner plate with small amounts of food – this is apparently to trick him into thinking he has less food to get through than he does.

** We are not to draw attention to it if he doesn’t choose to eat and not offer him anything else until the next allocated meal time.

** If he asks for something before we want him to eat his dinner we are not to say “no” but tell him directly but to say something like “Elliott we are going to eat dinner now so when you have had some then you may have a yogurt for desert”

** He doesn’t have to eat all his dinner but as long as he eats some he can have a healthy desert, if he its nothing then he isn’t allowed anything else.

** Make a fuss about what he has eaten and not draw attention to what he hasn’t

**To reduce the amount of juice he has and to give him water – this is to ensure that he is drinking because he is thirsty and not because he just likes the taste.

I think that’s basically everything – we will see how he gets on this evening – on Wednesday I have to him to the clinic and get him weighed and measured to see how his growth is getting on.


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