Another week begins and a relationship grows…..

All quiet for a couple of days on the blogging front. At present I should actually be prepping a drama workshop for a church youth group tomorrow….or today now…..but Sam has only just managed to settle for the night and as such work has not yet began; I need to get my poor tired brain into gear!

Yesterday I somehow managed to get locked out of my own blog- how embarrassing! However I am back in now and this morning my next product to review arrived on the doorstep in the form of the sanamama wrap – so far I cant persuade Elliott to give it a go but in the products defence he hasn’t been in the most co-operative of moods today.

My plan for this week is to take part in the “Gallery” for the first time – this is something for blogging mums to join in on every week where we take a picture and write a piece on a given subject mater – this weeks theme being travel. As soon as this came in my content for this topic leapt to my mind after a particular incident last week so all will be revealed soon; I am hoping to take my picture tomorrow if I can capture it quickly enough.

Other plans for this week include writing a progress report on Elliotts eating problems and his check up on Wednesday with the health visitor at clinic. We shall also be taking part in a photographic competition to win tickets to Lollibop 2011 so again the results of that will be posted on my blog for all to see.

Aside from that we will be testing the sling at some point, Elliott willing, and seeing what the boys throw at me during the week……oh and I have a plan for my blog but all will be revealed!

On the subject of the boys we have made great leaps in improving Elliott and Sams relationship over the past few days. Their relationship wasnt bad – Elliott basically spent the majority of his time ignoring “baby”, which is understandable, Sam doesnt exactly do a lot that a 2 year old can get excited about and when he does enter into his field of vision it is usually from being in his way of a cuddle or attention. On Friday Elliott wanted to play trains and because Sam was requiring my attention I said that if mummy played “baby” had to play too. Intitally he wasnt too amused but very shortly he started to enjoy playing with Sam and since then he has begun to actually request that Sam joins in his games.

Here is a video — I should point out that when hubby and I play “trains” with Elliott we arent allowed to touch the actual trains

I am getting plenty of views on my blog but few followers so far so if you are reading these words please hit that follow button and let me know what you think of Life with my 2 boys – there is always room for improvement.


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