This was too good not to share!

The conversation went like this …
Elliott: “lollypop” (as in I want a lollypop)
Me: “No Elliott you’ve had ice cream and you are going to have your dinner soon”
Elliott: “No dinner, lollypop”
Me: “Elliott I’ve said no, you’ve already had ice cream”
Elliott: “LOLLYPOP!”

At this point I decided to leave him to sulk for a minute while I called my husband so not to envoke a major tantrum; 2 minutes later I found him like this….

Dont worry he is breathing he is just ASLEEP on the kitchen floor! Sometimes the force of tiredness is just too strong to fight!

Being the good mother that I am I have to admit that he is still there! – Well actually in Elliotts case its a bit more complicated than that as he suffers with a sleep disorder but that is a story for another day.

This got me thinking – have your children fallen asleep anywhere unusual? Please email the pictures to and next week I will put a gallery on my blog of the best ones – any fellow bloggers can you include the link to your blog so I can include that also

UPDATE — 10 mins after posting he woke up…rolled over and went back to sleep!

Oh I should really point out that he came out of school looking like that! – apparently they had been playing with soil and planting flowers!

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