It’s Been A Little Quiet

I appoligise for the lack of posts this past week – its been one of those weeks where nothing much has happened but it never seemed to stop long enough for me to update my blog. My Laptop was unusable for a couple of days, which didnt help, and it was Elliotts last day of playschool for the academic year last Friday and everything seemed to be gearing up for that.

But this is a brand new week, its Monday and we are sitting in waiting for a courier care od Dorel Customer Services to come and collect our Maxi Cosi Axis car seat, which has potentially developed a fault. I have to say the service I have always recieved from Dorel has always been second to none – We previously had a problem with our car seat, which on the whole we are very pleased with, and to say that Dorel bent over backwards, went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement. Now we have more problems here they are again coming to collect the seat and get it seen to just in case this minor problem turns out to be a major comprimise to the seats safety in an accident. I dont normally name names but we have very few customer service heros out there and so on this occasion I will say that we have been taken care of by Noel Seabrooke and Laura Parker over there and they are staff Maxi Cosi should be proud to have representing them!

So that having been said I’m going to pop on a new product review on a seperate posting and also find out what this weeks Gallery challange is!


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