What a couple of weeks!

I knew the 6 weeks school holidays were going to be tough this year, being Elliott’s first, but we are just into our second week and WOW it has been REALLY REALLY hard!

Elliott has taken to not having playschool extremely badly and this coupled with heat and the terrible 2’s has made his behaviour go through the floor! We have had it all, throwing things, tantrums, biting, spitting, you name it – he has been delightful!

So this is why there haven’t been any updates, its just taking so much to get through the day with him at the moment that I cant even think straight and by the time he goes to bed I’m out like a light myself.  Thursday night the cavalry will arrive for a couple of days in the shape of Nanny and Grandad so this will give me a chance to breath a little and work out a plan of action for the following week so that boredom and bad behaviour do not set in full time.

I did however get REALLY brave (or desperate) last week and take BOTH children on my own to the local shopping centre and cinema for the afternoon – I haven’t braved this yet because of Elliott’s habit of throwing tantrums and running away! I have to say that it actually went better than I dared imagine and I even braved only taking the single buggy!!!!! I carried Sam in the sling until we got there and Elliott fell asleep in the buggy on the way to the bus. When we arrived Elliott woke up and had a MASSIVE tantrum because as his eyes opened, before I even knew he was awake, his eyes had fallen upon a Buzz Lightyear bubble bath and he wanted it; trouble was he was kicking and screaming so loudly that I hadn’t got a clue what it was he was after in the first place! I decided to just ignore the tantrum, he was strapped into the buggy, safe and not in a state to be reasoned with so I left him to it until he began to calm down. After that he was actually mainly good all afternoon; before he got out of the buggy and I put Sam in I explained to him the rules, that he had to be good, hold my hand (even though he was on reins) etc and he pretty much stuck to them with lots of encouragement a long the way – the only trouble was that I had to focus so much on Elliott that I felt Sam was ignored most of the time so defiantly going to take the rear facing buggy next time and squash Elliott in it if I have to put him in there.

The film we chose to see was Cars 2, Elliott REALLY enjoyed it as it was very action packed and loud making sure it grabbed his attention. I hadn’t quite thought this one through though because I forgot that poor Sam only had little ears so kept covering them up during the noisy bits to protect them. It cost a small fortune to take them especially as I decided to get the “wider” “VIP” seats because of having the baby with me and needing to feed him during the film, we were at the Vue Cinema in Lakeside and small tip DON’T bother paying the extra money! They aren’t that much wider and too close to the screen so it actually hurt my eyes.

So I guess the question at the moment is what are my plans. Well Elliott can not continue to behave the way he has been so this has to be nipped in the bud NOW before it becomes a bigger issue later. Plan A is to get his bedtime routine sorted and him in bed at a good hour every night, this will be happening as of next week and I will blog about the experience as well as explain why it is we have gotten to this point with him and also about his sleep disorder. Plan B is to establish a day time routine so that he knows what is happening everyday and therefore is a bit more secure. We are also going to be sorting out our garden so that he can go outside and play and I am going to be scouting around for some fun things we can do at home.

On the blogging front I also have some product reviews coming up –

The first is for Bambino Mio who have challenged us to use on reusable nappy a day for a week!

We will also be testing out a few products from the wonderful people over at Nuby as well as the possibility of a big review coming our way also so watch this space on that one!

At the moment in time BOTH my children are actually sleeping so I am going to take advantage and make myself the first cup of tea I have had today as well as tidy Elliotts bedroom and change his sheets; exciting stuff! LOL


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