A New Day, A NEW Blog!!!

I have made a decision that I have been mulling over for a few days and that is to not only move my blog but also to re-name it.

I understand that this may seem an odd move but the reason I have taken this decision is that when I started my blog I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it and now that interest in it is picking up I needed to start to look at it a little differently. After a quick search I found that there were  2 blogs of a very similar name to mine and also a blog that was using the name of my blog as their blogs address, even though they were using a different name for their blog. So I decided that rather than have any confusion as to which blog was mine I was better off re-launching now rather than later before things really take off – and with all the product tests we have coming up this seemed to be the best time to do it.

I have also chosen to move from blogger to WordPress as it appears as though the software here allows me more flexibility than blogger – I am also considering whether to upgrade to a straight .com address.

So what’s behind the new name; well as you may or may not know Elliott has been a HUGE Dr Who fan since he was 19 months old – scary but true – and the night Sam was born my husband and friend were watching the first episode of the latest series of Dr Who whilst I was in labour, so although I am not a fan myself I do have a new-found affection for the show. In the last episode that aired there was a baby and the Dr claims that he can speak baby and speaking of her mother he says to her “I think you should call her mummy, not big milk thing”. This line seemed to be a good a fit for us, it is different enough to not be replicated elsewhere (hopefully), Elliott is nuts about Dr Who  and Sam is currently very much a breastfed baby and he really does look at me as a milking machine.

So far so good – we have a totally new name and a new look, that I am still working on a little but I am happier with it than previous one. What do you think? Please feel free to comment

I have managed to transfer all the content from my old blog to this new one so aside from posting a re-direct on blogger I think we are business as usual! —- oh but if anyone can help me work out how to post the buttons to link posts to facebook and twitter I would be really greatful!


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