Bambino Mio – Day 2 – Confidence Needed

Well today I got out of bed and went to the airer and found a nice dry nappy!!! – to be honest it wasnt a shock as it was nearly dry when I went to bed last night so had I have done the wash in the morning it may well have been ready that night.

I have actually decided on my own Bambino Mio tip!!!! The wraps dry really quickly due to the nature of the fabric but you still need to hang them out. So here is my tip – I am a BIG fan of using the clothes natural fasteners to attach them to the line, it saves on pegs, you don’t get marks and nothing is folded over to remain damp so everything drys quicker AND if you are limited on space you can fit LOADS more on the line or airer whilst increasing drying times – for example babygrows I undo the top popper run the line through the hole and then do the popper back up, bodysuits I do up at the bottom with the line running inside – it only took 2 years to work this one out! – So with Mio nappy wraps they have laundry velcro taps, this means there is velcro inside the wrap that you fold over the external tabs onto to during washing to prevent the velcro damaging the wrap or anything else and washing properly through – what this also means is that you can also hook that over the line and stick it down to once again do all of the above – fantastic space-saving!

So back to today – The staining on the wrap was so minimal it was nothing – I would take a picture but a) I am having camera issues at the moment and b) it’s on Sam so somewhat difficult to.

Today has been a busy one for us, out for the afternoon for lunch and shopping I did consider putting the Mio on Sam before going out but I didn’t feel as though I was set up with all the “kit” for taking the nappy out with me and decided to opt for the cowardly option. In the end I didn’t put the nappy onto Sam until 7.30pm.

I did attempt to put it on Sam at 6.30 I couldn’t quite remember how to fold it – my mind went blank and I had a hungry baby getting grumpier who was nappy-less and then proceeded to wee on me whilst I was performing nappy origami! In the end I put a disposable on, went back to you tube and reviewed the tutorial and realised I was doing it right I just didn’t have the confidence in myself that I knew what I was doing after just a day and with a baby putting pressure on it wasnt happening.

My theory was that I would put the nappy on Sam and then change him before bedtime, which for him seems to be around 11pm – Sam has had other ideas! He went to sleep at around 9.45 and he is STILL there at 11.05!!! Well he could have TOLD me he was going to have an early night! – The ironic part of it is I was thinking of putting the booster in to see what difference it made but decided against it for 3 reasons, 1) I didn’t know if I was supposed to put it on top or underneath the prefold 2) I didn’t know if I was supposed to pre-wash it first and 3) It was A LOT of nappy for one baby and he was going to end up with so much bulk in the nappy I thought it best not to unless he was doing a night-time test.

I have to say I am getting jittery about the nappy right now – he has been in it 30 minutes longer than yesterday so far and yesterday it was saturated by the time I removed it BUT he’s happy and sleeping so I am sure if he feels uncomfortable he will SOON let me know! — besides I need him to wake up because he hasn’t had his antibiotics yet for his chest infection.

So the word for the day is CONFIDENCE or even trust

I need find the confidence in my own ability not to screw things up

I need to have the confidence to take the nappys out of the house

AND I need to put as much confidence in the as I do the disposible….at the end of the day they are constantly fail me and I think nothing of it!

Oh and as my mother says I need to “get more organised” I need to make sure that I sort the nappy out BEFORE I take the dirty one-off Sam and then I wont get weed on, doh!!!!

I am going to leave it there for tonight but when I write my day 3 report I will update on what happens tonight.


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