Bambino Mio – Day 2 cont… – Need To Educate Hubby

Well after I posted my last update Sam woke up about 30 minutes later and I could remove his Mio – I have to say that he had been wearing it for the same amount of time as the previous occasion but hadn’t urinated as much so it wasnt as wet – however the front was very wet but when you touched it the moisture was securely locked away!

This was defiantly something that I did wonder when I was thinking about reusable – I understood that the nappy would hold the moisture but as it was going into fabric I wasnt sure if it would still be wet against his skin – it isn’t, the fluid is drawn right into the nappy keeping the outside as if it had never been weed on at all. – I have decided to demonstrate this, when I can get my video camera working again (Elliott has “misplaced” the only SD card that works in it!) I will do the tissue test; you remember the one they used to do on those old Pampers ads where they would put a tissue on top of the nappy to show how much moisture came out.

So when I removed the nappy it was upstairs in the bedroom and it was getting late so my husband took it downstairs to the bathroom. He asked me what I wanted him to do with it and I said to put it in the sink for now, as I still need to go and buy a nappy bucket. The next morning I got up and knowing I had another clean dry nappy I went to put it on Sam only to find that Steve had put the wrap in the sink in water along with the nappy, doh!!! He assumed, understandably, that you need to wash everything including the cover – so off went the cover to dry!

So just as I was about to say to my husband that I needed him to learn how the system all worked he said it himself and he has gone from “well if this is something you want to try then fair enough but I don’t think it will work” to “I want you to teach me how this all works because think its worth doing”!!!!! BREAKTHROUGH after only 2 days!!!

At this point I should be writing about day 3 however once the wrap went outside in the sun it became apparent that Sam was unwell – stomach bug possibly – so at this point all other thoughts were abandoned and it was just a case of keeping him happy for the rest of the day. There is no reason that I couldn’t have put him the Mio other than it falling out of my head with everything else going on so hopefully today he is feeling better and we can pick up with where we left off.

My plan for todays test is to do as I have said and educate Steve – he arrives home at about 6pm so I will put the nappy on Sam for his change prior to his bedtime change….unless he poos


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