Little Photos From Little Fingers!

We have been tagged by The Wonderful World Of Spud and Spike to take part in Mamasauras, Little Photos From Little Fingers – sharing photos taken by our children!

Elliott LOVES to take photos with our cameras, we have litterally hundreds and for his birthday (in only a few weeks, eek!!) I am planning on getting him a kiddizoom camera from “baby”. For now here are a few of my favorites

 Self Portrait

Elliotts eye view of Mummy feeding “baby”

A good picture of Daddy

One of his favorite toys, his John Crane Firestation

I love this picture, even though he didnt take it of course, I love that you can see his face in the camera screen

I need to tag some people in this so, when I can work out how to do that I will tag, Summer Mama, Ramblings of a Suburban Mummy, Emmysmummy
Little Photos From Little Fingers'


4 thoughts on “Little Photos From Little Fingers!

  1. Love these photos – especially the ‘self portrait’ !
    I too am looking into getting the kiddizoom camera very soon – especially as Bean has managed to chip my camera lens this week – grrr !

    • I have seen them on the vtec website for £29.99 this week in pink and blue, with free faceplates, and they also have the Buzz lightyear with a free case for the same price – I also saw Tesco selling the pink and blue for around £31 – I dont know if this helps you

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