Nuby Review – Snug n’ Dry Feeding Bibs

This is the first in a series of reviews I shall be writing on behalf of Nuby UK – I think the first thing I should say is that we buy and use Nuby products, especially since Sam was born. I love their quality and feel and all at a reasonable cost; when we had Elliott we were firm Closer To Nature users but since having Sam we made the decision to switch and have never looked back!

A few weeks ago we received a number of Nuby products to put through their paces and first up we have the snug n’ dry feeding bib.

They come in packs of 2 in either pink or blue – sorry no gender neutral for those stocking up for a “surprise” baby – and retail for around £3.99


Here is the description from Nuby themselves:

Super soft Snug n’ Dry Feeding Bibs with absorbent neckband to catch dribbles and help avoid skin rashes.

  • Easy to use velcro fastening.
  • Phthalate free
  • O months +
  • 75% cotton, 25% polyester

Well Elliott being beyond the bib wearing age this one fell to Sam who, despite being breastfed, does have a single bottle of formula most days – this is due to weight gain issues when he was tiny and now at 4 months old, and a little fatty,he doesn’t seem to be able to “kick the habit”

I have to say I havent seen these bibs in stores prior to receiving them but I have seen a similar design from another brand and the high cost that they were charging did put me off making a purchase, at the price of the Nuby version I would have probably given them a go.

As previously mentioned Sam is a little fatty cursed with the family double chin and so when he does get milk dribble from his mouth it not only gets under his chin but also caught up in= the folds around his neck resulting in not only sore redness and irritation but also a bad smell and black wet fluff all under his neck which I am constantly wiping away to keep him clean.

These bibs do actually prevent this from happening! They are nice and snug but the neckband not so thick that it forces Sam to have to raise or change his head position at all. It goes on and comes off like any other bib but unlike conventional bibs not only are the baby’s clothes completely dry but their neck area also,

I have to say I have been leaving Sir Drools-a-lot in his snug n’ dry a fair amount lately because where it mops up milk it also mops up drool and on his heavy drooling days they do seem the most efficient at preventing wetness on his skin The design is sweet and basic and to be honest, purely for feed time only it is lovely, especially as the embroidery gives it a quality look; but if you want something that is going to compliment an outfit, in my opinion, a more bandana style version would be amazing.

In order to fully test this product out we got it good and dirty and then ran it through a regular machine wash and it passed the test with flying colours, it came out clean and as good as new and dried on the airer, in the house, very quickly so very practical for everyday use at any time of year.

I would recommend this product to bottle feeders or heavy droolers and I have to say they do offer value for money – I would personally purchase a few packs of these over the conventional bibs as an essential purchase.

They certainly have Sams seal of approval

Snug n’ dru are avalible in stores as well as Nuby Uk’s own website


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