Bambino Mio – Day 3 – Mans Eye View

I should point out at this moment that I had continued with our mio testing despite my lack of updating – due to 2 boys, going away etc etc longish posting has been more difficult; I did however jot down notes as we went along to be able to be acurate – So onto day 3!

Well after the mishap with Steve washing the whole Mio nappy when he didnt need to I set about trying to teach him how to use the Mios – the thing with prefolds is that you have to fold as you go so if we were to put Sam purely in this style of nappy he would have to know what he was doing.

I showed him how to fold it and then after he demonstrated perfectly that he wasnt paying attention so I showed him how to do it again! He did get it, as I have said before they arent difficult to fold, but I did feel that unless he was doing it regularly it would take him a while to remember what he was doing – and he probably adverages 1 nappy change on Sam every 3-4 days. In fact on asking him tonight he said he “isnt confident” he would remember how to fold it.

I did observe at this point that the mios didnt seem to hold their shape in the “loose poo” fold as well as they had in the begining. I cant tell if this is me or the nappy. It sort of folds and then flops back or sort of limply stays roughly in position to the point that there isnt much point having it in this fold at all.

I popped the nappy on to Sam and he wore it until he was ready for his nappy change before bed. He still seemed perfectly dry and comfortable when I changed him and seperated the 2 peices for washing.

I had also observed that with the exception of the staining buried deep in the elastic creases of the nappy a little bit of sunshine had sorted out the slight bit if staining from the first use of the nappy and even the staining in the deep creases had faded.

Tonight I have asked Steve his opinions of the Mio in reflection on his experience with them. He says he likes the fact its in two halves as he believes its more hygenic and he is impressed with them in general – in his words “it looks like a good system, even with the folding.”

Day 4 tomorrow….taking the Mio out of the house!

Coming Soon – BumGenius v4 joins in the challenge!

(p.s – I appologise for any bad spelling in this post, I was once told I by my teacher that I was “borderline” dyslexic, which I pointed out to him meant that I wasnt bad enough to be considered to have a learning disability so actually it just made me officially stupid! Anyway the spell checker omn wordpress seems to be on the blink)


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