Back to School and Halloween!

Like many children it was Elliott’s first day back at playschool today. He has been going since January because I was told that as all the pre-schools in this area are privately owned the only way to make sure he would b able to go at 3 would be to pay for him to go from 2! Well we managed to hold off till he was 2 years 3 months and he started this January.

Elliott LOVES school and he RAN in this afternoon, barely stopped to give me a kiss goodbye and even walked out if the door with a picture!

Here he is ready to go –

In the meantime the postman brought Sam’s halloween costume so of course he had to try it on for size…

He’s such a round baby it had to be a pumpkin for him really, in fact Elliott was also a pumpkin on his first Halloween 3 years ago

Now anyone viewing this could be forgiven for thinking that Sam already having his costume in September is down to incredible forward planning on my part – wrong! I am just really thrifty – I bought Elliott’s costume well in advance that first year because I figured he would be around a moth old at that point and I wouldn’t have gotten around to it; in fact he was only 2 weeks old and the 0-3 costume was enormous, but what I discovered was if you buy it on eBay in September people havent started thinking about Halloween yet so you can snag yourself a bargain before the rush starts. For instance Sams costume above cost less than £2 including postage!

As for Elliott this year, well he is a bit more complicated – as usual. In the past he has been the above pumpkin, a spider and last year he was a very cute vampire. I have decided that, again in the interest of being thrifty, I wanted a costume that he could get play value out of, not one that would be destined for the loft until Sam needed it. So, if I can pull it off, he is going to be HARRY POTTER!!!

Elliott loves a bit of Harry Potter and is often seen running to the kitchen for chop sticks to use as wands. I am hoping that if I put together a nice outfit it can go into the dressing up box and he can get some real play value out of it, rather than a one night only special. So I am Ebay bound and with school uniform so cheap at the moment, with all the shops fighting for those precious pounds it also it shouldnt cost the earth, hopefully…….well watch this space on that one!


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