Meeting with Health Visitor

While Elliott was at school yesterday I went to see our health visitor. We havent been with this particular health visitor long but she seems to be doing her best for us and so I have to put my faith in her at this point.

Basically we had long chats about Elliott, where he is developmentally etc, things he is doing and things he isn’t. She agrees with the school that he needs to be seen for assesment and she has made a referral for him to see a pediatrician who will then decide who we have to see next – It seems that we have to see an awful lot of people before we can see the people who can tell us what may be happening with our little boy. She didn’t give me a timescale but she has also given me a referral to attend some session on helping Elliott with his negative behaviours – wow this makes him sound terrible – basically he has negative behaviour like any other child but basically what the health visitor has said is that we may need more ideas for how to deal with them because of his current understanding issues.

I still can’t believe that I am typing all this – it has all happened so quickly. I think our whole family is struggling to get their heads around the fact that there MAY be something “wrong” with Elliott. To us Elliott is just Elliott and he has been following his own little path like any other child – we don’t have another 3-year-old to pull out of our sleeves to directly compare him with and his issues aren’t so screamingly obvious that you can’t miss them – apart from his obvious speech delay.

Walking away from the meeting I felt as though everything that could be done is being done and we are really lucky that all the right people seem to be trying to get Elliott sorted out as soon as possible so that we can help him the best way we can as quickly as we can.

When I arrived at the school I was handed the accident book as soon as I walked through the door – his second entry, the first being on his first day of playschool! – apparently his head had been in the direct path of a toy thrown by another child resulting in a bruise and a bump. The key worker who had been present when it happened said it was horrible because he cried and normally he never crys when he hurts himself. On the positive side though he apparently MADE A FRIEND!!!!!! The first time this has happened. They spent most of the afternoon together and played and kept insisting on hugging each other – this is something Elliott always does when he takes to another child. In light of everything it was such a lovely thing to hear.

There was some news on the SENCO; she has agreed to see Elliott but it’s the week we are on holiday! I knew that was going to happen. Margaret has said we should still take Elliott away so she is going to rearrange for another time – it’s just so frustrating but I think at the moment we all need the break and with all of this we are in for the long haul anyway.


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