The Other Story….

Well now it’s been almost another week but the weeks in our house seem to be more dramatic than most.

So here is that other story. I booked two things this year, a holiday and tickets to go and see Idina Menzel in concert; what did stupid here do, book them both for THE SAME WEEK! Ok not my brightest moment. So the decision was made that as the concert was on the Thursday and we were returning from holiday on Friday anyway Sam and I would catch the train back to London a day earlier than Elliott and Steve and then when I got to London I would meet Steve’s sister to go to the concert with and THEN meet my friend who would collect Sam and take him home with her while I was out having him for the night and I would get the tube home with Steve’s sister who would stay the night with us… think that’s complicated you wait for what actually happened!

My thoughts were that the worst that could happen would be that I would miss my train and so after Sam and I had boarded, found a seat next to a lovely baby and had started the 2 and a bit hour journey I figured the biggest stress was over; then my phone rang!

It transpired that when the car was unloaded at the station my handbag had been left behind so I had no tickets, no glasses, no make-up, no keys and NO MONEY!!!!! – “oh dear” I said!

I amazed myself with my sense of calm and clear thinking, Steve was ordered to phone the Royal Albert Hall and sort out replacement tickets and I counted my lucky stars that I was a Natwest customer who paid attention the adverts. I called them canceled my debit card and asked if I could access their emergency cash from a cash machine service – two tunnel disconnection, answering my security question wrong, being told I couldn’t have cash and explaining I was heading into London with a 5 month old baby and no way of getting home I had secured myself some money.

At this point I was feeling as though everything was going smoothly, we got off the train, we found Steve’s sister and she then told me she was going home that night due to a work commitment – I was going to have to travel on the tube, on my own, at night with NO idea what I was doing!

Sam was collected from the Royal Albert Hall with only a mild drama and the concert was fantastic and it was so lovely to spend the time with Steves sister, who is quite frankly way cooler than her older brother and I should have just married her instead – Here is a video from that night this isnt my video btw but in case you are interested I thought I would pop on something; Im greatful for these videos, due to no glasses it was all a bit of a literal blur!

Then it was to the tube. I wouldn’t mind getting on the wrong train if I made a mistake but I asked the man at the station and HE PUT ME ON THE WRONG TRAIN! I then get on the train saying it’s going where I want it to go and it terminates before I get anywhere near where I need to be. Oh and I’ve found the tube crazy man and not only do I find him but he finds me! So not only am I lost, not only is it FREEZING, not only is it late but I have found the one guy on the tube network that is off his meds! At this point I jump on the first train going vaguely in the right direction, call Steve and he tells me where I need to get off the train and back on another — don’t you love the tube!

I reach my tube stop and all I have to do is get home. On Steve’s insistence I agree to get a cab, as he feels the bus isn’t safe at midnight (pah! I’m so peeved and COLD I don’t think anyone dare mess with me), I watch my bus home pass me by, find the cab office and IT’S SHUT! At this point drunk crazy man gets off the train and I decided to go and camp outside the vets till a cab arrives, Steve then informs me that it will be another 20 minutes just as a fight breaks out on the other side of the street and it starts to rain! At this point I’ve had enough I’m walking! 2 minutes later my friend (who has left Sam with her husband) not only arrives in her car in her dressing gown but also armed with chocolate and the information that the kettle is already on! Now THAT’S what you call a friend!!!!

So I spend the night at my friends, who had already thrown her husband out of their bed to make room for Sam (sorry K!) and as I have a crazy feather allergy and she has a feather duvet we spent what was left of the night trying to sleep under a single duvet in a double bed giggling like school girls!

The next day was the beginning of preparing for Elliott’s third birthday but more on that tomorrow….hopefully!


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