Elliott Update

For those of you who have been following my blog will know that we recently were told the surprising news that his school had concerns regarding his social communication.

Well this week has been a BIG week for Elliott as over the past 3 days he has been for an assessment of his speech, been seen a pediatric specialist not to mention going to the eye clinic. We know his eyes are fine bt are still waiting to read the full reports on the other two appointments although they have discussed their findings with us in brief.

In the speech session Elliott was required to put a simple wooden puzzle together, repeating the words of the pictures and also follow instruction “Elliott where is the dog?” He also was put in front of a large A4 book where each page was divided into 4 sections with a picture in each section. He would have to turn the page and each time answer questions about the 4 pictures “where is the ball, which man is walking?” The results were that Elliott currently has very few verbs and this is making his verbal communication difficult; also that he has difficulty understanding two-part questions. My biggest concern was that they were going to be sending Elliott for group therapy sessions, as has been the case with a lot of his friends, this is due to Elliott’s reluctance to join in with group situations, however he has been prescribed a 4 week one-two-one course of sessions followed by a visit to his school to help his keyworkers continue the work he has started to bring him forward.

Todays pediatric assessment mainly involved us speaking to the doctor and answering a long questionnaire of questions which required us to quantify Elliott’s problems, whether he had never done something, he had and had stopped, he was still doing something and it was mild, moderate or severe. Aside from this the doctor, weighed, measured and took Elliot’s head circumference.

The results for this assessment were that Elliott is on the mild end of the “autistic spectrum”. This does not mean that Elliott is autistic, it covers a lot of conditions, or and because he is at the mild end it doesn’t necessarily mean that he even has a condition, what it means is that there is enough traits in his behaviour that it warrants further investigation.

The plan now is that we wont see the doctor again for 6 months and in the mean time Elliott will have to go for various tests with various specialists for assessment as well as having to have a couple of blood tests (that’s not going to be fun!) A specialist will also visit Elliott at school and asses him there as well as advising them (again) on ways they can help him further. I should say Elliot’s school are superb and I have no doubt in my mind that they will be more than happy to accommodate all of this.

So how am I feeling about all of this? Well I’m not down about it, Elliott is Elliott and any problems he has are mild and therefore we can help him. We are no closer to knowing if our little boy is “normal” and just a little pickle or if he has anything else going on but I didn’t expect that we would. I am just so pleased that we are getting all this support and help for him and I am convinced that because of that and because it has been caught so early he will, in the long run, be fine whatever the outcome.

The next step is that we have a family support worker coming to visit us on Monday to try to help and advise me. I am going to ask her about courses that may help me handle Elliott’s behaviour – I should add Elliott is an average child when it comes to being naughty it’s just harder to rectify his behaviour due to lack of understanding from him. We also have been told by the doctor to look at something called 1-2-3 Magic.

So this is where we are. I still feel as though blogging about this may help someone somewhere along the line and maybe in years to come Elliott will be able to read it all back and see what was happening with him at the age of 3.

With Sam at the moment we have a whole other stress as he is constantly coming down with chest infections and the doctor is considering whether he may be asthmatic ….. well you may have noticed that in this family we don’t do things by halves!



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