Georges Dragon Tale – Wow Toys Review!

A few weeks ago we received a parcel from the lovely people at WOW toys with a couple of their products for Elliott to put through their paces. Now I know some of you are probably thinking, why has taken time to write the review, well aside from the fact we have had an unusual amount going on this is my reasoning why I prefer not to write some of my reviews the day after the product has arrived on my doorstep.

Any parent will know that when it comes to children and toys there are a number of things to consider when discussing how good it really is, the first is novelty value – any child given a new toy will LOVE it for the first day but how long will it take before it disappears to the bottom of the toy box never to be played with again. The other thing is durability, a toy may be wonderful for the first week but we have all given our children toys that within a short amount if time look as though they have been dragged through a hedge backwards because they just don’t stand up to the demands of play the way we would like them too.

So as a first review for a toy thought I would like to give that toy time to “settle in” to family life before I start to write, I feel as though this is the only way I can truly asses the benefits for other parents.

So here it is our first toy review!!!

Here is the official information

Join the gallant duo Sir George the Knight and his friendly red dragon Smokey as they set out on a heroic quest through dark, enchanted forests and magical, fairytale worlds in their trusty chariot. Launch the boulder from the catapult and rescue the fair maiden from the castle tower. How will your Knight’s tale unfold?


1 x Push-along chariot
1 x Removable boulder
1 x Removable knight
1 x Removable dragon

Functions & Features:

Push-along chariot
Realistic clippety-clop sound
Removable boulder
Removable knight
Removable ride on dragon
Working catapult

Developmental benefits:

From 1½ years – Sensory stimulation and motor skill development
From 2 years – Discovery & learning
From 2½ years – Social interaction
From 3 years – Role-play & exploration

On arrival Elliott saw the box and his pupils dilated with excitement, he just wanted to get the box open as quickly as possible! Upon examination I had 2 personal concerns about this toy, the first being the flying boulder! Elliott could not be described as a careful child, in fact he has been likened to the Tasmanian Devil on a slow day so the thought of objects being catapulted across my living room, particularly at a passing cat or his brother’s head, was somewhat worrisome. My second concern was how well the dragon was attached to the chariot. If it wouldn’t come off he would get cross and frustrated, if it came off too easily I was going to get pestered every 5 minutes to put it back on and he would get equally cross and frustrated – we have a rocket ship from a well-known toy store and the doors on that thing come off every 30 seconds and its a nightmare, lovely looking toy but the worst one we have bought for him for that reason! Anyway I digress.

In response to my first concern – well the only solution was to wrestle the child to the ground and rip the toy from his sticky toddler hand and play with it before he had a chance to find that lovely catapult element. Upon my careful testing (I could get used to Elliott getting new toys for me – I mean him to play with) I found that the boulder didn’t go that high or that far, at which point I felt it was safe enough to take the american football padding off of Sam and felt that actually it got enough propulsion to satisfy the child but without need to put away all your fine china. The boulder shape is actually really good because it isn’t round – it rolls but doesn’t roll too far or fast so when it skids across our wooden floor I am rarely required to go fishing for it under the sofa – again another source of both our frustration with such things

The dragon – well he is great, clicks into place and stays put and then comes off with a little persuasion from Elliott – I havent been bugged once!

Now a week into having this toy a sad thing to happen to dear old “Rory” the Knight – Elliott named him Rory due to his Dr Who obsession – The little people in the WOW Range really are little people and this gives them the advantage of being very portable but it also gives them the disadvantage of being very portable. On a trip to the hospital to visit his little brother Elliott somehow managed to lose Rory. I loved that Elliott enjoyed the toy enough to take it out of the house, this privilege is only reserved for his absolute favorite toys, but it isn’t something I would want him to do again due to the fact that they are so dinky.

However as I say the portability can also be a huge benefit; when we went on a trip on the train Elliott was able to fit his new toy in his small rucksack along with other toys and books, which is great because on a long trip the more you can take in a small space the better!

As the dragon and chariot get pulled by the child it makes a “clip clop” sound – this is a nice feature but I don’t think Elliott would have minded if it was silent; on the other hand however Sam found it really interesting – he is not in the target age range but did make me think it had cause and effect educational benefits.

So where are we weeks on? Well It has been well-played with but there is no wear and tear visible on the toy itself. The boulder gets resigned to the bottom of the toy box often but that’s mainly because Elliott is too lazy to go looking for it and will happily play without the boulder or substitute it for something else, The loss of “Rory” was sad but there was a hero lurking in the mist waiting to step into his shoes and two days ago I found this set up in front of the television!

(apologies for the poor quality my mobile was the only thing to hand)

Yes Postman Pat not only has a helicopter but now, apparently, a dragon and a twin brother! – I need to point out here that the additional dragon that Pat is sitting on is not part of this set, he was given to Elliott at the Lollibop festival.

Elliott has had a lot of play value from this toy and it has sparked his imagination as you can see. We are generally a wooden toy family however the quality and feel of WOW toys is so lovely and I fully believe that when Sam turns 3 they will still be going strong for him to play with.

If you have a little boy who has a love of knights and castles or even just a great imagination this is a lovely toy that is a great alternative to another toy car.

In order to write this review Elliott was sent a George’s Dragon Tale toy to play with


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