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THE STUDIO – Saraya Cortiville – Review

When I think of baby and children’s portraits I think of babies in bath tubs, boys in flat caps and those uncomfortable smiles and cheesy poses that should have gone out with the 80’s but yet they still haunt us to this day.

When I think of what I would like from a portrait of my children it is a quality picture that captures not only what they look like but who they are and where they are in their lives at that moment, a beautiful image that is just them. It’s a tall order but can it really be filled?

Well last year we took Elliott to see not only one of the most talented photographers I have ever met but also probably one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, Saraya Cortiville.

Capturing images of children is a tricky business, they never co-operate, they have the attention span of goldfish and quite frankly require the patience of a saint but none of this bothers Saraya and my goodness can the lady take a photo! Elliott ran around her studio, ate most of her raisins and at the age of 22 months was like a whirling dervish, I don’t think he sat still for more than 30 seconds at a time, This could have turned into the most stressful couple of hours with trying to get Elliott to sit on a spot, look here, put your arm there, don’t stick your tongue out, put that down, don’t touch, stop and most importantly SMILE! We had none of that, it’s not how Saraya works and quite frankly her pictures are all the better for it.

Now at the time of Elliott’s first session Sam was still millimeters in length and as soon as he was born we were off to Saraya within weeks to have her capture our new baby!

Let’s be completely honest, newborns don’t exactly do very much so in that session as well as images of Sam that melt my heart she also took more of my mischievous monster who remembered EXACTLY where Saraya kept those all important raisins — I have to add here that Elliott will only eat raisins when he is with Saraya, no idea why but if these magic powers extend to broccoli I’m going to ask her to move in!

Elliott by nature is shy with strangers, he can’t sit still, he doesn’t particularly like having his picture taken and he is full of energy and into everything. With Saraya he feels comfortable enough to be himself.

I’m August it was back off to see Saraya for a photos hoot with my friends 13-year-old daughter, Charlotte but we couldn’t resist asking her to take a few pictures of our Sam….well it would be rude not to!

I havent yet mentioned the quality of Saraya’s work….well lets be honest it SCREAMS for itself, she is so gifted its insane but if that isn’t enough then the number of extremely impressive awards she has won should tell you something

Will this be the last trip we take down to the studio – highly unlikely! I should accompany this review with a warning that Saraya’s pictures of your children are highly addictive and may be detrimental to your bank account – but oh so VERY worth it!

I can only include 4 pictures per blog post at the present time so I will have to add the images Saraya took of Sam on our last visit on a separate post, not something I would normally do but they deserve to be seen.

Please don’t just take my word for it, check out her website and for a gallery of her pictures view her Facebook page!/PortraitPhotographyBarnet

If you are looking for the prefect gift for a parent then book their kids in come the new year and they are guaranteed to love you forever. The pictures we have of Elliott and Sam are ones we will always treasure because they really do seem to catch not only their faces but who they are and what is more precious than that!

Dear Santa….

The Wonderful Adventures Of Spud and Spike asked us to join in with Blog By Baby to share our Christmas lists

So first up Elliott – he loves to pretend to cook so this is high on his list!

Sam would like this

I know Steve would LOVE one of these as his broke last year (and I would like him to have one too to stop him moaning)

I would really love one of these  BUT in a heart shape

I suspect come Christmas morning the boys will be very happy and entertained

I am going to tag Summer Mama, EmmysMummy and Mamasaraus

The Baby Show 2011 – Highlights – Part 1

Sam and I attended the Baby Show at Earls Court on Sunday, thanks to tickets we won from Baba Me, and I have to say that I love the Baby Show but not for the discounts and established brands but going to the smaller stalls with the start up business’ and the small innovative products that are just coming on to the market.

These products are sometimes neglected and unheard of so here is our first run down of 4 of Big Milk Thing’s Best Of The Baby Show! (4 because that’s how many photos I am able to add per blog post)

First up is – PlayDuvet! Play duvet is one of those things that you see and think “why didn’t I think of that”. Play duvet is a duvet cover that you can put over a regular double and then use on the floor for your child to play on! It has stimulating squares with crinkles, squeaks, tags etc and it not only gives you a really large space for your child to roll around on, probably the biggest play mat I have seen, but it also gives you a fabric playmat that has a waterproof layer for juice spills and vomiting incidents but that can also go in the washing machine. We travel a lot to my mums and to have a really large playmat that we could pack up and take with us would be amazing – we can take the cover and just use mums spare duvet when we got there. I loved the idea and Sam certainly enjoyed having a roll around and an explore on the display model – unfortunately when we went back to take a picture of him on it he had fallen asleep so here is a stock photo.

Me&i I am a sucker for Scandinavian design clothes, especially for little boys – I like my little boys to look like little boys not little men and I personally find Scandinavian design really fun, bright and really embrace childhood so Me&i ticked all of the boxes for me. The designs not only were gorgeous but they felt lovely. Now anyone like me likes to invest in their children’s clothes by buying things a bit too big to last them as long as possible and Me and I have thought of this by not only making long cuffs that can be rolled up but by also putting the pattern of the shirt on the back of the cuffs too – excellent! Me and I don’t only produce babies and children’s clothing but also adults too – children could even wear the same outfit as mum in some cases! I would seriously recommend checking out their website and also anyone looking for a new work opportunity they are also on the hunt for sales people.

Shanticot As a mum with two children and not a huge house this product really interests me. Shanticot is a bunk cot/toddler bed – you can fit a combination of 2 babies, a baby and toddler or two toddlers in it in any configuration you wish to put together. It takes up no more floor space than a standard cot bed and so even the smallest box room can now sleep 2 children – perfect for the growing family or those with twins and although the price tag is rather steep for the average family it certainly is cheaper than moving house!

Bondie Bird Playwrap – I don’t know about anyone else but we have toys for the house toys for the car, toys for the supermarket and the buggy – basically we have toys everywhere! This play wrap could be the answer to our problems!

It really has multiple ways of using it – suction cups for the highchair or window, clips for the buggy or shopping trolley, you can wear it around your neck – it can pretty much go anywhere and attach to anything and not only does it have plenty of toys to keep your little one entertained but it also has rings to attach your babies favorites to it also. I really don’t know how we are surviving without one!

So that’s our first 4 – check back tomorrow for more!