Cheeky Wipes – Review

As a mum you expect to fall in love with your new baby but what you don’t expect is to fall in love with baby products and I have to say that I am in love with Cheeky Wipes!

I have been using them now for a few weeks so that they have been used on their own, with disposable nappys, with reusable nappys, in the house, out of the house, and they have been washed more than once – well you can’t say that I am not thorough LOL

The cheeky wipe system can look complicated but it really isn’t, In addition to the wipes themselves you have 2 boxes – clean and dirty, 2 bags – clean and dirty, 2 little bottles of essential oils – shockingly clean and dirty and a net bag. All colour coded!

To set them up you put the net bag in the green dirty box along with water and a few drops of the “dirty” anti-bacterial essential oil. In the blue clean box you put water up to the fill line, a few drops of “clean” essential oil and then soak your wipes in the water – job done! The oils that you add to your wipe box are 100% natural apposed to the chemicals in disposible wipes – this is especially great if you have a baby with sensitive skin.

So why do I love Cheeky Wipes? Well for a start the essential oils make them smell amazing, that alone makes me want to use them, and secondly once you have cleaned up an explosive poo with a Cheeky Wipe you wont want to go back t disposibles. I kid you not a messy nappy that would take 3 large wet wipes to clean would take just one small cheeky wipe. They have a great grip to pick up the dirt but while not being coarse against a baby’s skin. Most of the time when I change both of the boys now I only have to use one wet wipe and once we are done they are squeaky clean, as if they have just come out of the bath.

So how practical are they? Well at home you just replace your wet wipe packet with your wet wipe box and pop your dirty box next to the nappy bin, so really no much of a change in that respect. Out and about you have 2 bags, you guessed it, clean and dirty. The dirty bag has zipped into it a removable net bag, which is the same type as the one in your dirty box. I found that for once a re-usable nappy change product saved me room in my changing bag because rather than having a large, heavy, wet wipe packet I could take a handful of cheeky wipes in the fresh bag and be confident they would cover me while we were out. I know some people who use re-usable wipes tend to carry dry wipes and a spray bottle of water with them whilst out  but with this system you really don’t need to and both the clean and dirty bags held all the liquid inside themselves and so we have had no leaks in the changing bag at all. When we got home we could decide whether to just tip the dirty bag contents into the dirty box or to simply unzip the inner bag and pop that straight into the machine.

Now the washing – the bit you are dreading about reusable wipes! – let’s be honest no-body wants to have their hands in poo and so staring down at a bunch of dirty stained re-usable wipes that you have to “deal” with isn’t a fabulous prospect HOWEVER cheeky wipes have thought of this. When it comes to washing simply take your whole dirty box to the machine, unhook the bag from the box and lift it straight in as it is, no touching involved! Couldnt be easier and all ou need to do is change the water in your dirty box ready for you next batch. When you open your machine back up you should find lots of lovely clean wet wipes! So the truth about stains. Well we did have some but I honestly suspect that cheeky wipes will be no different to a re-usable nappy and that any stained wipes just pop into sunlight for a little while and it should bleach those stains right out and put you pack to white again. I havent done this only due to the fact that when I tried we had so little sunlight that it would have raken a week!

Drying is easy – you don’t have to dry them just pop them back into your wipe box as before! So you can use them, wash them and at the end of your washing cycle have a whole bunch of fresh wipes to use so extremely practical on that front.

Whist using the wipes I could hear my mother’s voice ringing in my head saying “what’s the point of buying them I could make those” (she says this about a lot of things) so I thought, lets put it to the test! I got a piece of thin terry towelling fabric and sent it over to my mother and had her cut it into squares and overlock the edges for me and used these wipes alongside my cheeky wipes. Well the results are in – my home-made wipes were misshapen and very scruffy looking and more importantly Elliott and Sam HATE them. After a wash they really didn’t fare so well and they were too harsh and scratchy against their skin. Elliott actually went as far as to say “no!  no yucky wipes, nice wipes”  It actually took me a couple of days of disposable wet wipes to get him back to letting me go near him with a cheeky wipe, to which he had no further complaints.

The husband test! Steve is embracing re-usable nappy products, he can see the cost savings and that they work so he was happy to try cheeky wipes but then a couple of days in I caught him going back to the disposable wipes. I couldn’t really understand him and asked why he didn’t like them, his reply was that they were too wet. At this point I resisted the urge to slap my hand against my head and instead opted for calmly picking a wipe up out of the bottom of the box wipe box (hense why it was too wet) and squeezing out the excess water that he didn’t like – he hadn’t thought of that! This however did raise a good point. I have often heard mums compare wet wipes and where some will like one brand because they are lovely and moist others wont like them because they are too wet, with re-usable wipes you can squeeze out the water to have them fit your preference every time.

So where do I feel as though improvements can be made? The first thing is already being worked on by the company already and that is the boxes. I like the look of them but after being told that they were being re-designed it did get me wondering why – I am guessing that the lid breaking off the dirty box within 24 hours was the answer to that question. As I say this is being sorted already but if you have read any negative reviews relating to the boxes don’t be put off by the system. The other improvement is a personal preference and that would be for some kind of colour coding on the wipes so that you can use a different set of wipes for hands and faces to those you use for bottoms but having just looked at the cheeky wipe website it looks as though they have thought of this too with talk of coloured wipes in version 3 to be released shortly – As such they currently have offers on version 2 so this would be the time to grab yourselves a bargain!

Cheeky wipes come in towelling and bamboo options – I think we have a single bamboo wipe in the mix of the terry wipes that we were given to test and in use I havent made any noticeable differences but with only a single wipe I can’t honestly say it has stood out using it. The bamboo wipes are more expensive

For re-usable nappy users you are not required to purchase the full cheeky wipes kit, as you already will have a nappy bucket etc. There are mini kits available which offer flexible options as to what you actually need and don’t need from your wipes kit. If you are using cloth cheeky wipes actually make the job easier as you don’t have to make one trip to the nappy bucket and another to the bin you can just put everything together in the one place ready for the wash.

Cheeky wipes are easily available directly from their website and I have also seen them in the flesh being sold in store by our local Mothercare.

I have to say that considering all things and that cheeky wipes are already making the changes to the product that I feel will improve it I have to give them 10 out of 10 for all areas from practicality to money-saving because let’s be honest we all get through wet wipes like they are coming out of a tap and to be able to end that expense without a huge outlay will make a big difference over time.


One thought on “Cheeky Wipes – Review

  1. Thnks so much for the review, I’m delighted that you love your wipes as much as we do and look out for the new turquoise and bright pink wipes which are due to arrive on Tuesday….

    We’ll also be taking pre-orders for our new version 3 kits (one-handed clip opening, water-tight seal, water fill levels and internal hooks) from next week, due for delivery in February…

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