Quinny Casters 2011 – The cat is out of the bag and running around the kitchen”

As anyone following the Quinny Casters program may be aware yesterday all the Casters for this years program finally received the email that we had all been eager to receive – final confirmation as to which pushchair we would be testing this year, the new Quinny Moodd or the Quinny Yezz!

These are two polar opposit pushchairs, one a big every day birth to toddler and the other an occasional nippy little thing, which is wicked light and perfect for an older child – particularly one that likes to spend as much time out of the pushchair as in it.

This time last year the Yezz would have been an exciting pushchair for our family, with Elliott at 2 years old it would have been ideal,  a perfect buggy for days out, throwing in the back of the boot and for the underground! I have to admit I am really intrigued by it as there isn’t anything on the market, that I have seen, that is similar to it – from the fold to the fabric – I really think this summer they are going to be flying off the shelves.

Now of course we have Sam and our requirements have changed and as much as there will come a point when we will occasionally pop him into a lightweight stroller he still very much needs the protection and features of a big stroller and the Moodd is packed with them. Also on a personal front I’m not sure how I would feel about putting my dinky (he is only just starting to grow out of his 3-6 month clothing) 7 month old in a stroller considering our lifestyle and bus use, especially as he has been thrown out of his buggy onto the bus floor once already.

So as much as I would love to give the Yezz a go my practical brain was saying that we really needed a Moodd for Sam – but it wasnt up to me and like all 20 fellow Quinny Casters we had to wait for that all important email yesterday.

When it arrived I was strangely nervous, why I’m not sure but it was like being a kid at Christmas waiting to see what was in that BIG present and upon opening it was revealed that we have been chosen to test THE MOODD!

Here it is in a lovely blue, which is the colour we have requested to test; I have 2 boys I may as well be loud and proud of it LOL! This will be Sams first pushchair that has never been sat in by another child and to be honest I am so chuffed because as well as my Loola has done for us in the past 3 years it really is now looking ready for retirement and I don’t think it will manage another 3.

So what do I like about it and what do I not……you will have to wait for my next update. Yezz Casters will be receiving their pushchairs, probably, next week but the Moodd wont be arriving with us until the middle end of January so I have lots of time to look and think on it and write a pre-Moodd post before it finally gets here.

On a different note – I have realised that if I get up at the crack of dawn I can fit in blogging before the kids get up, who knew!!!!!!


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