Getting Ready For Christmas – Christmas Stocking Review

With just over a week to go before Christmas we are starting to panic slightly in our house because we have sorted out gifts for most of our nearest and dearest  but the boys list are not even nearly done!

When Elliott was born my mum made him a big fabric stocking and put his name and birth year on it and she also knitted him a lovely sock sized stocking to put on the end of his bed for Father Christmas to fill on Christmas eve – I LOVE the tradition of waking up to a stocking full of presents on Christmas morning, its one of my favorite Christmas memorys.

This year as much as my mum would love to do the same for Sam she is working a lot and just doesn’t have the time so rather than have Sam go without I thought I would have a look around for some personalised stockings for the boys, I wanted them to match and have their names on if I was going to buy them – Elliotts stocking is not being retired the new stockings would be for this year and then hopefully mum will have time next year to make one for Sam and the new ones can be purely decorative hanging on the fireplace.

We are really broke at the moment, who isn’t, and although I wanted something nice we couldn’t afford a small fortune so I had a look on Ebay. The trouble with Ebay can sometime be that you buy something, it arrives and the quality is rubbish or you buy something one day fo £10 and find it in the pound shop the next. Having been raised by my mum who is amazing at anything that involves some form of needle and thread I was very aware of what I wanted and I found it! From Ebay seller FMS1234

I then found that to match the stockings the seller also made a lovely wall hanging that co-ordinated  beautifully.

Well Steve and I thought about it and although it meant going over our budget we decided to go for it and order 2 of the medium stockings for £9.99 and the wall hanging for £13.99 and after having arrived today I am so pleased that we did.

They are stunning! The stockings are fully lined, beautifully chosen fabrics and so much attention to detail that photographs just don’t do them justice. To say they offer value for money is a understatment and I think even my mum will be very impressed. The fabrics on the items differ slightly from the “stock” image but this is declared in the listing and doesn’t actually mater as the replacements are just as well-chosen. The only thing I would personally change is the bows on the top of the presents to a different fabric but that’s if I am really looking for something to change. I asked the maker, Fiona, to change the phrasing on the wall hanging slightly from “Dear Santa” to “Dear Father Christmas” – it’s only a minor thing but Santa to me is American and I prefer Father Christmas and Elliott knows him as Father Christmas. I have to say that I think these stockings and wall hanging are going to be a cherished memory for my children to get out every year and hang up in preparation for Christmas.

If you wish to order I would get in quick as we are fast approaching the big day now and Fiona is only a one man band so she can only do so much to avoid your disappointment of not receiving them in time.

I hope she keeps it up because next year when we have more money I really want to order two large stockings, one for myself and one for Steve so that we have a proper family set.

Due to the lack of time between now and Christmas I am going to publish this review without a picture of our completed order – however I will add one tonight when Steve arrives home with a camera that works.

We did not receive anything for writing this review it was done because the product is fabulous and I wanted to share it with my blog readers!


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