Being Scrooged By Ikea!

It is less than a week until Christmas morning when children across the country will be waking up waiting to see if they have been “good enough” to earn the presents on their Christmas lists. The pressure on parents is huge and this year has been the first year that Elliott has been able to say what he wants “faher cwimas” to bring him and he has 2 requests, Hungry Hippos and a Kitchen.

As with everyone right now we are short of funds and we were directed by a friend to Ikea where they were selling the perfect kitchen for Elliott. As he is tall most children’s kitchens are far too low for him and this one not only had 3 heights but it came in within our extremely tight budget at a bargain price of £60!

We showed Elliott the kitchen and he said that was the one he wanted so, Grandad, Great-Granny, Nanny and Mummy all scraped together the money we needed to buy it for him, along with a set of saucepans – or so we thought,. Having been paid last night Steve went over to Ikea to collect the kitchen only to discover that ONE WEEK before Christmas, when most stores are slashing prices Ikea have chosen to INCREASE the price of this CHILDRENS TOY to nearly £90!!!!!

I called Ikea this morning and spoke to someone in “customer relations” who informed me in a very sulky manner that yes the price had been increased by Ikea by 50% and that this was because they had “changed manufacturer and because the item has been so popular” – so this has nothing to do with the fact that Ikea are a) capitalising on the pre-Christmas rush and b) they are planning on slashing the price by – lets say 30% – come boxing day BACK to the original price and saying that it is now in the sale and what an amazing bargain.

Elliott has seen the Ikea kitchen, he desperately wants the Ikea kitchen, he has printed a picture of it and stuck it to his letter to Father Christmas to say thats what he wants and come Christmas morning he will not be getting the Ikea kitchen because “Father Christmas” can’t afford it – So Merry Christmas Elliott from Ikea, you are 3 years old and the magic of the day will be ruined because of a big corporation.

I am quite frankly disgusted that they feel that this is a reasonable thing to do and that it’s not only family’s but CHILDREN that are going to pay for it. We aren’t going to be able to get Elliott another kitchen in time for Christmas now as it is too late and I suspect by the fact that the customer relations assistant was so highly aware of this problem when I called that we aren’t the only family who are facing the same problem, buy the child the present they want and not pay a bill or disappoint them on Christmas day.

On behalf of all those family’s I urge you to please share this blog post, with your blog readers, and to share it on your Facebook and your Twitters and show Ikea up to be this years Christmas Scrooges!


5 thoughts on “Being Scrooged By Ikea!

  1. Not impressed. I was going to buy that kitchen for my goddaughter for Christmas, but they wouldn’t let me reserve and then had run out of stock by the time I got there. This was before the price rise. It has gone up and down. Check out asda has a wood one for a good price. What I did-with the help of handy-hubby: I bought the cheap tv stand from ikea for £7.99. This is low so good for a toddler- I know that you wanted high but maybe they have something equally as cheap? He cut a hold for a plastic bowl for the sink- have two round bits for the hob and a bit of mdf stuck on back with a bit to hang curtains and utensils. The Bad thing (apart from the price) is that their kitchen doesn’t make any noise. So getting cheap kettle and microwave for beeping pleasure. Still in the works- but I reckon it will cost $40 MAX WITH accessories. And it’s homemade and my nearly 2 year old helped assemble- so could be good activity together? Good Luck!

  2. Ps- maybe find something else suitable- with attached note from Santa himself- saying something along the lines of- thought you would like this one better? Still rotten of Ikea.

  3. It’s such a cynical ploy for the price change so close to Christmas – congratulations Ikea on making things difficult when life is already tough.

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