Ikea Update!

I am thrilled to have recieved this response last night from Ikea

Dear Alice,

Your email & blog were forwarded to me by my PR colleague. Budgets are tight for many people in the current economic climate, especially for young families, so I totally appreciate that your discovery of the price increase on the DUKTIG children’s kitchen upset you and that, combined with the (incorrect) reasons you were given by one of our contact centre agents, this led to you “ranting” about IKEA on your blog.

At IKEA we always aim to offer the lowest price within all of our product areas all year round as we are really passionate about offering our customers honest every day low prices. We’re always working to lower our prices to ensure our products are affordable and offer value for money and the number of products with “New Lower Price” in our catalogue is testimony to this. Occasionally a competitor will undercut our prices with temporary special offers and where our sales team are aware of this they will reduce our prices accordingly even if this means selling a product without any profit.

Contrary to the incorrect information your were regrettably given, the reason for the price change was as follows: At the end of October we noticed that a national competitor temporarily brought a children’s kitchen in their range which they promoted in their Christmas brochure as a special half-price offer. Although it was clear that their children’s kitchen was of inferior quality we decided to lower the price of ours too to compete with their offer. It is standard commercial practice that once a competitor “price attack” is over to revert back to the original price. Normally such price reductions are communicated as special offers with an end date but on this occasion as we didn’t know how long the competitor in question would stock this product it was open ended until their stock ran out. As soon as it was clear that they were no longer selling this product the price of our DUKTIG kitchen went back to its original price.

In hindsight I totally see that it was “clumsy” for this to happen in the week before Christmas and this has been addressed with our sales team. As a result of your feedback they have, with immediate effect, reinstated the temporary lower price until mid January. In addition, by way of apology to you, I would like to send you an IKEA gift card to the value of £30 (please send me your address so I can arrange for this to be done). Thank you for your feedback and for giving us the opportunity to respond. In closing I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a good start to 2012.

With kind regards,”

I have to congratulate Ikea for not only listening but also putting their words into action and not just give lip service. After recieving this email I went onto their website and can confirm that the price on the kitchen has been reduced back to its previous price!!!

Merry Christmas to Elliott, Merry Christmas to all those familys wanting to purchase this kitchen and Merry Christmas to Ikea who, in the end, came through …… I’ll be nice about them now LOL!


2 thoughts on “Ikea Update!

  1. Well done to you for raising awareness of the issue and getting a positive change. Also well done ikea for doing the right thing, responding in a non bull **** way and even giving the gift card as a goodwill gift. Awesome, I’m sure together u made a lotta mums and their children smile at Christmas.xx

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