The Gallery – Phone Photos

I was working in the mobile phone industry when the first camera phone came onto the market, I seem to remember it was a Nokia with a 1mg camera. I remember at the time thinking how it would be handy when shopping (of all things) but I never realised how important this piece of technology would become in my life.

Ever since Elliott was born it seems as though most of his life has been documented via a mobile phone camera – it’s always there right next to you to capture those special moments. But when I think of mobile phone photos I think of this one

This wasn’t Elliot’s first photo but it was taken on Steve’s mobile phone to send to family within an hour of his birth. How wonderful is that, within minutes of his birth family, no mater how far away, could see an image of our new baby boy….apparently only Steve’s family got it but nevermind.

I remember at the time Steve showed it to me thinking that this was a dreadful picture of Elliott but this picture meant a lot to Steve and 2 and a half years later when Sam was born he decided that he wanted to have a matching picture, almost like his own way of bringing Sam into the family

Again this wasnt the most flattering of images of Sam but this time instead of being sent just to family within less than 2 hours of his birth it appeared on Facebook, I didn’t even know about it, and this time so many of our friends and family members could share in this special time with an image of our son.

These arent groundbreaking images but they mean something to our family and although they are dark and grainy they will always have a special place in our family album.


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