The thing about buggys….Our Pre-Moodd Post

In case anyone is wondering our new Quinny Moodd, that we will be product testing and reviewing as part of the Quinny Casters 2012, has not quite arrived yet 😦 The reason being that have chosen to test the Moodd in Blue Reliance and this is the last colour due to arrive into the UK, BUT it should be here early next week. Are we excited? DARN STRAIGHT we are excited!

Isn’t is strange how we all get giddy and excited about a new pushchair? I don’t think my husband is alone in not understanding one bit what the fascination and desire is behind them, to him its a practical functional piece of baby gear, but I don’t understand what the big deal is with cars or the latest games console. I think it’s just the way you are wired and many women covert buggys.

As children we push our dolls around in a buggy and see that as being the thing you do when you’re a grown-up, so we start thinking about buggys from a really young age. I bet that I’m not the only one who upon starting to think about baby shopping flicked to the pages in the catalogue with the buggys  FIRST and then worked from there.

I think to a certain extent a buggy to a woman is like your handbag or the way you dress, its you representing to the world who you are and what you are about. Its also how you represent your baby. I personally HATE HATE HATE it when my buggy looks scruffy or dirty – I HATE seeing a dirty buggy, I would hate to think that’s how people see my children, as dirty and uncared for.

I think when we  choose our buggys we very much conduct ourselves the same way we conduct a relationships – here is what I mean, We have high standards and high hopes when we embark on a new buggy but when they start to let us down we start off by excepting them as little quirks, we all have to compromise in life and you can’t get everything you want. Then when things keep going wrong we feel let down and hurt and we start to display our frustrations and at this point we fall into 3 catagories…

1 We take no prisoners we kick our buggy to the curb telling all our friends about how it was a rubbish performer

2 We moan about it constantly but put up with it because it will do for now

3.We just have to get on with it, we never expected too much in the first place and if this is our lot in life then so be it.

I am a kick it to the curb type but with limited finance and a husband whose favorite phrase is “do we really need another pushchair?” I tend to end up being a constant moaner 😦

The Moodd is different for me, no browsing catalogues and choosing from a range of pushchairs, being able to compare looks and different functions we really have got what we have been given and really who would complain about this!

Even my husband has to admit that it looks “nice” and for him that’s positively gushing!

So before it arrives and purely based on the videos and instructions etc that I have seen I am really looking forward to giving it a try, I’m a bit dubious about the bumper handle bar, I like a bumper bar for Sam and not only is this one going to, probably, have to come off to fit anything other than either a split leg or an official Moodd footmuff but Im not sure if I like the concept of him having a bar between his legs like a shopping trolley. I am also really curious to see if Sam can still, at 8 months, squish in a babynest. I like the automatic unfold, VERY handy for when we have to catch a cab and I have to hold Sam and put up the buggy at the same time when we get to the other end because the cab driver “dunno what I’m doing love” and also “don’t do babies” so can’t hold mine so that I have 2 hands free. I think the most relevant thing however, to 90% of people, is that the Mood looks to be a big beast of a buggy so I’m very curious to see how it fits in the back of our car and that of my good friend who drives a much smaller car, which we travel in often.

Obviously with us comes also the challenges of London City Transport and whether I am able to attach Elliott’s buggy board to the back and even squish Elliott in for a quick ride!

So I guess at this point I have one further question; are you feeling in the Moodd?????




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