I’m In The Moodd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well it’s here!!!!!!! Yesterday a lovely courier arrived with a nice big for yours truly with the word Quinny on the side in BIG letters! I think he did question why I was sneakily taking his picture through my living room window but was too polite to ask!

 Now you would think that after waiting this long to receive the Moodd I would be able to wait until Steve arrived home to film me putting it together – no flipping chance!!!!

I had watched  the official Quinny instruction video before commencing my build, which was actually really easy to follow and remember. Putting the Moodd together was actually very simple, the only fiddly bit I found was getting the t-bar cover out of the seat unit but that was all and it takes minutes rather than hours. No tools needed and no little bits floating about that your kids can swallow later!

TOP TIP: I have read some of my fellow Quinny Casters have been struggling to get their Moodd boxes open so I would say put it on a slippy floor so that you can open one side of the lid a little, spin it round and then do the other side and then spin it back to do it again until the lid comes off.

So here it is, our Quinny Moodd construction video …… and our first trip out too!!!


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