Could Your Company Help Us Attend Brit Mums 2012?

We are currently on the hunt for a lovely sponsor to cover the cost of Big Milk Thing attending Brit Mums 2012

As we are London based we are only looking for a grand total of £70 to cover the cost of attending – I am even going to take my own sandwiches!

Terms are negotiable so please feel free to let me know what you would like us to offer your company in return for sponsorship.

We are willing to start with a base package of

FREE Advertising on the side bar of Big Milk Thing for a YEAR

I will wear a t-shirt, in the colour of your choice, with “I was sponsored by…..” and your company logo

A Featured post about your company on Big Milk Thing, which will also feature on a page of its very own on the blog for a YEAR

Your company logo on our Big Milk Thing business cards, to be handed out at the event and any further events for the next year.

This is the base of my package please feel free to add your own terms.

If you are at all interested please get in touch on,uk

Oh and did I mention that Brit Mums 2012 is on my birthday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Could Your Company Help Us Attend Brit Mums 2012?

  1. Are u close enough to go and come back for day two then? I’m London based (South London) but as it’s not finishing till 10pm by the time I get home i’ll end up in bed way too late only to have to get all way back for 8am. That’s why I included a hotel for the Friday in my sponsorship deal. £70 is a fab price for what your offering have u but yourself on the britmums live sponsorship programme? worth a try. I tweeted u to let u know that your PR request link takes u to the wordpress login page not ur blog, happy to rt for u once u have sorted it:) Good luck Hun.xx

    • I saw your tweet, thank you, important going to re-do it later. i would love to do the hotel overnight because it would make much more sense then coming home late and then back again, especially if hobby is playing taxi but i thought being a little blog i probably was better off aiming low

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