Why Big Milk Thing?

I have been asked a few times in the last few weeks why my blog is called, Mummy, Not Big Milk Thing. I can understand the question to be honest, it is a little odd – but I like it LOL

So here is why. My blog followers and certainly anyone who has seen my “husbands blog”  The Little Boy Who Waited (although I think I have so far written all the posts on there except one Steve, hint hint) will know that Elliott LOVES Dr Who and has done since he was 18 months old, strange but true. Not long after Sam was born an episode of the show aired with this scene in it and this is where my blog name came from.

As Sam is breast-fed and really does look at me like I am just a “big milk thing” at times it seemed to be an appropriate fit that incorporated both of my boys.

So now you know.


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