It’s Oh So Quiet!

Just as things were getting exciting everything appears to have come to a stand still on Big Milk Thing. Unfortunatly both of my boys have been unwell with a very nasty cold virus that has been doing the rounds in our area. Elliott has had it for over a week and Sam seems to be the latest victim.

This has obviously meant lots of cuddles and TLC but not a lot of blogging. There has been lots going on in the background with some fabulous product to be reviewed and hopefully I am going to be embarking on a new review project of my own making, details to come but products already starting to land on the doorstep in preparation!

So it is really busy busy, honest, watch this space, I am currently juggling a sick Sam (who is  sleeping on the sofa cuddled up next to his Elmo) , a slightly bored and under the weather Elliott, who is on half term, and lots and lots of catching up – already this morning I have been editing a new video as part of a review so hopefully that wont be much longer now.

Please bear with me – we will get there in the end!


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