Trying To Put A Cork In The Bottle

My husband and I were chatting the other day and he was saying how our children will be a generation that will almost have their childhoods at their fingertips.

We have digital TV, digital cameras, storage for a thousand TV shows, photographs and family videos but I still don’t think I agree with him. I think with all these things it will help us remember things more clearly but I think the things we are trying to really capture every time we take a photo or record a video that will sadly always be lost – how our children feel.

I love the feeling of holding my babies in my arms, the way the world just melts away and in that moment everything is perfect. I love the feeling I get when Elliott runs to me when he finishes school and how, as much as I wish he didn’t sometimes, Sam only wants Mummy.

I miss how it feels to have Elliott lay on my chest and sleep – Sa, of course does it now but that’s a new feeling for Sam the feeling of Elliott is gone – I can remember it but I can’t be in that moment again, I can’t feel it and smell his hair – I can’t go back to when he used to always smell like “sticky biscuits” and would open his mouth and try to swallow me when he tried to give me a kiss.

I will always have my boys images to look at and invoke happy memories but when technology can capture who my boys truly are I at every moment of their childhood I will be a very happy mum


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