Tots Bots – Drying Time Comparison

I would love to be able to report today on the absorbancy of the new minky version of the Tots Bots Easy Fit nappy but Sam had other ideas because within less than an hour in the nappy he decided to have a poo and it was all over and into the nappy bucket…..well actually that isn’t strictly true it was straight into the machine because I was so keen to get it back onto him I didn’t want to wait!

Due to the children both being ill I have to admit that the nappy wash had been neglected and so it was rather full with the vast majority of my stash going around into the machine, I should have split it into 2 batches because some of the nappies had to go back in a second time for rewashing . As such our new nappy also came back out with a little bit of staining on it but I honestly think this was for 2 reasons, 1 – bad over stuffed washing machine and 2 – Sam has weetabix for breakfast every morning and someone recently said this can have the effect of making grainy poo stick to nappies, which is what we had.

When the nappy came out of the machine the first thing that was screamingly obvious was that the minky liner felt almost dry to the touch and actually it was the pul outer that needed drying. We don’t have a tumble dryer and at this time of year the only option is to dry nappies in the house and my usual place of choice is in the airing cupboard next to the hot water tank but not everyone has one of these so to keep conditions to those that everyone can reproduce I decided to just pop the nappy side by side with a bamboo tots bots on an airer in front of the radiator.

The only trouble we ever have with Tots Bots is the drying time and that, again, is due to not having a tumble dryer. It can sometimes take up to a day for a Tots Bots nappy to dry, depending on how many are in the airing cupboard at the time, and this is purely down to the fact that they are made with a layer of bamboo – bamboo is great in nappies because it is extremely absorbent, has antibacterial properties and is also softer than cotton, especially if you aren’t tumble drying because cotton can go hard and crusty. Bamboo is also very eco friendly as it is fast growing and doesn’t need chemicals to be so. I knew this when I started using Tots Bots nappies and honestly the benefits of using them vs the lengthy drying time was outweighed so we have now built our “stash” to include 12 Tots Bots Easy Fit.

So here they are side by side to see how fast they dried. It was obvious that the new nappy would win hands down on drying time but I was still shocked by the results. The way the nappies were able to get lots of air to them probably helped as they went on the airer at 9pm and the bamboo was dry by 9am the next morning, the new nappy however was dry by midnight! I think this has to be the fastest drying nappy I have found, I couldn’t believe it!

I think for us with the new tots bots the drying time is no longer a compromise for a really great nappy but actually a bonus because I really can wash my nappies in the morning and realistically have them on Sam in the afternoon!

The next test I was hoping to do on the new nappy was, again, to see how long it would actually last for however, once again, after an hour Sam pooed! So it is back in the nappy wash and I am about to get it out and dry it and my hope is that tonight I can do a very brave test and see if it is realistic to booster as a night nappy!

I am first to put my hands up to the fact I am very inexperienced with using cloth at night as it’s always scared me a bit but we have done it a few times now and Sam isn’t a heavy wetter so I’m going to give it a go. The new nappy has a much more stretchy outer cover so it has more ability to be able to add boosters etc for overnight use so I will not only take pictures once he is stuffed ready for bed but also take a picture of what I am going to put in there – results will hopefully be in tomorrow, so watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Tots Bots – Drying Time Comparison

  1. Hi,
    I was lucky enough to be chosen to have one of the new nappies also. I was laughing reading your blog as apart from the very first time I put the nappy on my daughter, Lena, (which incidently was straight from the packet) she has poo’d in it. So like you I haven’t really had chance to test aborbancy. The drying time is fab, I dry mine on a sock airer which hangs on the curtain rail above the radiator and it only took a few hours, a V2 easyfit dries overnight. The first time she had the new minky easyfit on, I put it on unboosted and not pre-washed (like I said straight from the packet) and it lasted 3 n half hours. The only reason I changed it was because we were going out. My daughter is a super heavy piddler and can out wee a boosted V2 easyfit in 2 hours. The new minky inner is so soft and even after 3 n half hours didn’t feel wet. I love them and would sell all my stash just to have all minky easyfits.

    Gillian and Lena x

  2. Thanks for your comment Gillian – we used the tots bots for the first time straight out of the packet also and I should have mentioned this so thank you for raising it – I am hoping that my local Tesco are going to stock these because if we get caught short in future at least I could put a brand new tots bots on Sam rather than having to buy a packet of disposibles.

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