“I can’t get no sleep”

It was pointed out to me, in not such a subtle way, that I havent been keeping up with my blog too well lately. I have “work” coming out of my ears, lots of lovely companies patiently waiting for reviews and the most amazing competition to run and not a huge amount actually making it live.

Well my problem is in a nutshell Sam! We are having a lot of trouble getting him to bed at night, he generally goes to sleep FINALLY at 2am every night, has a disturbed nights sleep waking me up 3-4 times untill Elliott wakes up at 7.30am and as you can imagine I am a zombie most of the time with constant headaches. I’m not feeling sorry for myself it’s just something I have to try to get through and solve.

During the day things don’t ease up particularly, he is the clingiest baby I have ever known, he would be attached to me 24/7 if he could. He does spend time playing with Elliott but not for long and then he is back to moaning at me to be picked up again; he wont even sleep in his own bed – I’m DRAINED!

Yesterday we did our first baby massage class in the hope that this will wind him down at night and get him to bed at a normal time and at the moment I am trying to turn the light off at 10am regardless of whether he thinks its time to sleep or not to try to get him to get the hint – it’s not working so well but I am at least trying to be pro-active and not just get bogged down by it.

I remember when Elliott was Sam’s age, we would have all day together, if he wasnt out in the buggy he would have two 20 minute naps a day and when he was in bed by 8pm I would miss him so much I would have to fight to stop myself from going in to his room and waking him up for a cuddle – I am yet to experience this with Sam, he is always there.

My husband is amazing, I don’t tell him often but he really should get a medal – he goes to work, comes home cleans the house, baths the kids – to give me 5 minutes where Sam will happily be in a different room to me – and we get absolutely no time together and yet last night when I was at the end of my tether with exhaustion he walked into the house from a 8am – 4pm shift and 4 hours traveling – took the kids from me and sent me away to rest!

I know in a year, 2 years Sam wont be a baby and wont be a total mummy’s boy and I will look on these days and miss all the cuddles and my baby sleeping all night in my arms but for the time being its just putting an enormous strain on everybody. He’s a baby, a gorgeous one at that, it wont be forever and as a wise friend once said to me, before Elliott was born, children go through phases and as soon as you are wondering if one will ever end a new one has already started.

So for now at least I will continue blogging and trying to work with amazing companies but it just means that things are a little slower than on other blogs and I really don’t want to be publishing sloppy work for the sake of getting things out when I know I can do better and the brands I work with deserve better….you will know when I have had sleep because there will be reviews flying out like nobody’s business and my goodness the Kiddimoto prize will be amazing for someone now that the weather is getting warmer.

Tomorrow I am taking the boys over to Barnet to see Saraya Cortiville again, we all love Saraya and Elliott has been saying all day “I want go Raya pwease pwease”. The boys are having their pictures taken for a whole new blog look – so keep your eye out as that’s going to be hitting very soon also.

Please stick with me – I will be worth it in the end 😉




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