Making Crayons!

Things never quite go according to plan in our house – you may have noticed – and in a bid to solve Sam’s sleep issues I was supposed to be starting a baby massage course, unfortunately they had to postpone so the boys and I were stuck in for the afternoon with no forward planning for what I could do with them – well more to the point a stir crazy Elliott..

I reached for the craft box and discovered a whole bunch of old broken crayons so I decided that instead of trying to draw with them we would make new ones instead! I was going to take pictures of all the stages but I couldn’t find my phone and Elliott’s couldn’t wait for me to find it before we started.

Here’s what you need –

Old wax crayons,

paper cases OR a silicone cupcake “tin”

If you’re not using silicone then a regular cup cake tin

First of all you need to heat your oven at around gas mark 5, it doesnt need to be exact just nice and hot,

Line your cupcake tin with the paper cases

remove all the paper wrappers from your old broken crayons

Then set about dividing the wax crayons into the cake cases – you can really fill them but make sure they don’t over hang the cases as they will drip onto your tin. – I decided to keep Elliott’s crayons in colour groups to help Elliott with identifying his colours, so every crayon he had to say what colour it was and then put it in the correct cup cake case; only when he had finish did we mix some of the colours together that had fewer crayons.

Pop your crayons into the oven for around 5 minutes – or untill all the crayons have melted….this is when I found my camera…when they come out they will look like this –

Then you just leave them to set in the tin, when they have you take them out of their cases and voila new crayons! (you don’t need a hand blender unless you are also trying to cook dinner at the same time!)

And they actually work too


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