Sam + Elmo = LOVE

Sam really likes Elmo, in actual fact Sam LOVES Elmo!!! He doesn’t really have a chance to discover the TV in the way Elliott did, by the time Elliott was a year old he loved My Friends Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Imagination Movers to name but a few; Sammy however has to watch what Elliott wants to watch so one day I put Elmo on YouTube for Sam and that was it, he was in Love.

For Christmas my mum bought him The Best Of Elmo DVD and a cuddly Elmo toy and I thought he would watch the DVD occasionally and the toy would end up eventually just decorating his room, WRONG! Sam ends up watching his DVD at least 5 days a week and Elmo goes everywhere Sam goes they, were made for each other it seems.

I like that Sammy loves Elmo and Sesame Street, it educates, it’s fun and it has good morals – it hasn’t been going for over 40 years for nothing. Elliott went through an Elmo phase around the time of his second birthday, he would watch Elmo in Grouchland over and over again all day if he could but it didn’t last long but even now that fuzzy little monster can still seem to tap into his imagination – we are seriously considering whether to give the Elmo Potty Time DVD a go to see if it makes even the slightest difference with his training. For now however I am just pleased my two boys have something they can enjoy together and share – although at present Elliott seems to prefer Cookie Monster to Elmo. The thing I also like about Sesame Street is the fact that they have caught onto the idea that if you want the kids to watch it make it tolerable for parents too with things like this ….

So anyway the point of this post….well actually there isn’t one really to be honest other than to share this, Sams latest favorite video from Elmo, the Elmo Slide!

In a few weeks time (eek!) Sam will be having his Naming and Blessing accompanied by, 15 days early, his first birthday party! I think the Elmo Slide is going to be a must for his party – after all the birthday boy himself is now trying to do it all by himself, he can do the arm flap and the jumping and a bit of side to side movement. Hopefully there will be an Elmo theme running through the party with an Elmo cake and balloons and Sesame Street colours – all I have to do is find all the stuff in budget, eek!


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