The Moodd and I — Our Review Begins!

The big noise at Quinny this year has been the launch of the new Quinny Moodd and what was the “Moodd” amoungst Quinny fans upon launch? Well quite frankly it was mixed.

When Quinny announced its new luxury line back at the end of November 2011 fans were desperate for more infomation and that coverted first photo; Facebook was granted the official UK reveal and as a small section of the Moodd image was reveiled to fans each day the comments came flying in.

The most common reponse was “it looks like a new version of the Buzz” – At the end of the day no-one can deny that the similarities between the Moodd and the Buzz at face value, aside from colour the chasis is the same distinct shape, but what Quinny was promising it customers was a pushchair that would be smoother slicker and more modern than its best seller – along with an increased price tag of around £600 – will Quinny live to regret launching the Moodd as a seperate pushchair rather than an update of an old favorite? only time will really tell but certainly I think that announcing the Moodd as the 2012 Buzz may have gone some way to preventing the “buzz kill” that occured.

As Quinny Casters we were of course watching the events unfold with great interest and having never owned a Buzz I have to admit it was hard to give a qualified opinion but I did have a close inspection of one in my local Mothercare and popped Sam into it. Just by grabbing the handle of the Buzz I had an instant impression that the Moodd is a step above, it is actually hard to describe but at this point I had been using the Moodd for some months and holding the bar of a Buzz felt cheaper and more plastic, the seat fabric felt less comfortable and cosy and the front wheel appeared as though it was so plastic it wouldnt be able to have handled the battle we won with the Moodd in the snow and looked quite toy like in comparrison.

The Moodd intended to solve some of the “niggles” with the Buzz, for example it offered as many rear facing recline positions as forward facing, it also offered a forward facing fold option with the seat unit still in place on the chasis.

It also intended to give a modern style with its distinctive seat shape, strechy hood and t-bar. The seat unit itself was proving to be the biggest area of concern for most consumers as it looked small, it also looked as though a child wouldnt fit in it at the age of 2 but this actually turned out to be a misconception – not only did the seat unit prove time and again to accomidate even a tall toddler, it also proved to be bigger than that of the seat unit of the Buzz! It is probably the most “tardis like” seat I have ever seen, I think due to the low point in which it begins to curve up to the peak of the seat.

But even with smoother functions, more features, modern style and a luxury feel were Quinny, who had always been a mid priced manufactorer,  going to deserve, with the Moodd, to crack into that luxury puschair market? was it going to be able to compete with the likes of Bugaboo and Stokke who really had become the market leaders in this area- Well we tested the Moodd for 5 months and the whole time I had to keep it in mind “would I have been happy to have paid £600 for this pushchair” and the answer kept coming back time and again, Im not sure but maybe…if some of the niggles with the Moodd could be ironed out.

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