Meet Sam

Sam was born at home in April 2011 weighing in at 7lbs 15oz

He was a very happy fat round baby that no mater what was always smiling – his nickname Dumpling

Sam’s favorite thing to do seems to be to breastfeed and he does as much of it as he can, which made weaning a little difficult.

His favorite toys at the moment seem to be his My Friend Scout (pictured with him above), his jumperoo and the TV remote control!

By far his favorite people are his big brother Elliott and my friend Ruth, who he is very close to, which is especially lovely as she was present at his birth!

Sam at a year old is rather bad tempered – he likes to shout for what he wants and doesnt like to wait. He is a VERY clingy Mummys boy and can be a bit of a pickle but he does have a fun side too! Sam loves to get up to mischeif with his brother and gives the most enthusastic cuddles. Sam LOVES Elmo, he loves to watch Elmo, he loves Elmo books and his favorite toy is an Elmo that he takes everywhere – where there is Sam there is Elmo. He took his first steps at just over 9 months of age and then by 10 months he was a full time walker. Sammy is going to be a demanding toddler but he has the cheekiest grin I have ever seen and despite his temper, not sleeping in his own bed and waking me up constantly in the night he is going to an awsome little character and now his personality is coming out I am looking forward to seeing where it goes.


One thought on “Meet Sam

  1. Three things: 1) great idea for blog and site just how do u find time?!
    2) our 14 month old adilena loves her scout dog (both big and small ones) and is always dancing to him and kisses him when he says “I love you” and waggles her bum and claps in time to if you’re happy and you know it!
    3) i’m in a quandry over which nappies to use as we’ve got 6 different trialling nappies (3 of which are tots bots and wondered which you find the best. P.s. is there a new range out?

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