Review Policy

I have been advised to write my own review policy so that everyone knows what they can expect from a Big Milk Thing review.

I am happy to review products that I feel my family would use and that I feel my readers would be interested to read about – I won’t write, for example, a screwdriver review because I don’t believe that it would be appropriate for this blog and also I don’t know if I would qualify to talk about it – I personally don’t like blogs that review anything even if they don’t fit the product criteria. I also review products on behalf of Babyworld and these reviews are credited to them.

The time frame I work to depends on the product itself – If you are interested in me reviewing your product then please feel free to specify how quickly you would like to see your review and I am happy to work with that. I try to write a balanced and full review so I sometimes like to use a product for a reasonable time before I write anything so some take longer than others – I feel that people are more interested to read “we have found this product really handy over the past week/s and it has proven to be really well made” than “the packaging is lovely and since it arrived yesterday we have enjoyed it”

My reviews are lengthy – I try to cover all the angles depending on the product, this could therefore cover, practicality, safety, play value, ease of use etc. When I first receive a product for review I will always begin by recording my questions regarding that product from a consumer perspective and then work from there. I feel as though it is only respectful to write a thorough review of a product if we have been kindly sent it to review.

I am always happy to answer questions from blog readers about products if I can.

I always write my honest opinion on a product as I think it adds credibility to my reviews.

If I feel as though a particular product lends itself to a video blog review or even a video blog user guide from a consumer I will happily do this – with the help of camera man Steve. I have a review coming up that will do such a thing.

As of today – 28.10.11 – I will add to the bottom of any review if we have received the product for review or if it is a personal review.

I think that has covered everything. I hope you enjoy Big Milk Thing reviews, if you have any comments to make about them please do. If you are interested in getting me to write a review on your behalf please get in touch; my email is

Review policy last updated: 28th October 2011


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